Utsang Independence


Policy: Struggle until the last Utsang drops dead

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Utsang Map and Flag

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The logo of Utsang Independence Army (UIA)

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 5.09.49 AMThe logo of Central Utsang Administration (CUA) 



  • Independence,
  • secular,
  • Total eradication of the 10 religious seats in the exile Tibetan parliament
  • Total removal of the department or ministry of religion from the cabinet
  • multi-party,
  • an opposition party parliament,
  • bicameral,
  • residence population-based representation and voting system of democracy.
  • A federal form of government.
  • The Utsang Republic, The Republic of Utsang! 

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People and Region: Kongpo, West-Abu-hor, U, Tsang, Toe, Ngari


No compromise on the fight for Utsang Independence!

Utsang National Anthem

Encircled by the Snowy Mountains
Stands Strong The Roof of the Earth

May Truth and Justice Reign Supreme

May Transparency and Accountability Become a Law
May Equality, Prosperity, and Peace
Radiate throughout Utsang,
Our Homeland,
For Thousands of Years!

As the Mountain Rivers Rage
Through Abu-hor in the North
To Tsang in the South
From Kongpo in the East
To Ngari in the West
Utsang shall Rise
Until the End of Time!

May the Light of Evidence and Reason
Dispel the Darkness of Blind Loyalties,
With Honor, Courage, and Commitment
Utsang is Ours for Eternity,

United We Stand; Proud and Free!
Bestowing Love and Compassion
To Humans, Animals and Nature alike

May the Sun of Independence and Democracy Shine
For us and Our Future Generations
On the Land of Utsang
For Today and Forever!


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