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A brief critique on MP Dawa Phunkyi

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Mr. Dawa Phunkyi was born in 1963 in Dharamshala. After completing his schooling at TCV School, Dharamshala, he pursued a diploma in Health Management and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Administration from Christian Medical College, Vellore, and St. John’s Medical College, Continue reading “A brief critique on MP Dawa Phunkyi”


President Sangay launches attacks on Mila Rangzen

Like a true citizen of Tibet, I have been critical of powers that be including LS as the president of CTA on policy, conduct, nepotism, regionalism, transparency, and accountability Continue reading “President Sangay launches attacks on Mila Rangzen”

Khampa regionalism and the blind U-Tsang

By Khampas, of course, I don’t mean all Khampas and by sanjor Khampas I don’t mean all sanjor Khampas. By Khampa sanjor dralok I of course don’t mean all Khampa sanjor dralok. This should be basic and clear to the reader. Continue reading “Khampa regionalism and the blind U-Tsang”