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Hi there, 

Since viewers don’t want to take the extra effort to go through the playlists on my main channel and watch the subject they like I decide to make it even more simple for them by creating separate channels for separate topics namely the following.

1. Tibet Undressed

is in English dealing with topics that are hardly touched or even hidden in the Tibetan community for a number of deformed reasons.

2. Tibet Princess

is in Tibetan language talking about cooking, makeup, fashion or sense of dressing and jewelry that will suit you considering your size, height, complexion, features etc

3. Wild Tibet

is in English talking about nature, wildlife, swimming, campfire, motorcycle ride, survival skills etc

4. Tibet Explores

is in English about international traveling, food, accommodation, sightseeing, custom, culture etc

5. Mila Rangzen

is about his personal life including his vision, education, work, philosophy, hobbies, family etc

6. Tibet Star

deals with politics be it international or China-Tibet or exile domestic politics with special focus on provincial, regional and sectarian tones. One upload per week per channel on every Saturday. So watch, like, comment and don’t forget to subscribe and share! Thank you, Utsang heroes and sheroes!