BREAKING NEWS: Tibet Star rebuts bureaucrats Dhardon Sharling and Tenzin Palkyi!

Social media is not safe for those power abusers like president Sangay exploiting women working under them sexually. If your conscience is in its place, then social media is a powerful weapon that protects women and their rights. If educated women like you are not able to stand up against power abuse, how can you convince the everyday woman to stand up for their rights? A coward can only inject cowardice in others. When women’s right to work with dignity is threatened, anyone (regardless of gender) who attempts to raise this issue should be encouraged, not discouraged. A feminist need not necessarily be a woman. HH the Dalai Lama recognizes himself as a hardcore feminist. If fighting for gender equality and the rights of women is being a feminist, then I am one.

This “me too” movement will not stop Tibetan women aspiring to join CTA, rather it will alert them to be careful not to fall into the traps you had fallen in. DS and TP are falling short to speak for all the eight women leave aside speaking for Tibetan women. They should make their stand clear rather than beat about the bush. The title is misleading. It should be “exposing sexual exploitation in the Tibetan community from the top with the help of social media”. Unsubstantiated allegations? All evidence including text messages, call records, email trails, photos, videos, eyewitnesses will be placed in the court. You are outraged and horrified because I spoke up for women and you failed to lead by example because you lacked the guts to cite the real reason for your abrupt resignation. You proved weak by attacking the whistleblower and letting go the perpetrator. Shame on you.

I spoke for accountability, transparency, and compassion. My speaking up is not to denigrate women but to create a safe environment in their everyday life including their workplace, so their dignity is protected at all times. And that is not making abuse of free speech but living in denial for political reasons is not going to deter men in power from exploiting women sexually. You should be thankful and proud a man spoke up for those women who couldn’t do so for various reasons including political ramifications. Mockery of “me too” movement happens when women with Stockholm syndrome attack a whistleblower (because of his gender) for speaking up for women exploited sexually by Tibetan men in power. How can you support “me too” movement when you fail to stand up for yourself? LS used you, and you can’t admit that. How can you convince women of your support when you don’t have the guts to cite the real reason for resigning abruptly? You swore to serve a full term, and you quit in two years? Is that right? Or was that your part-time job?

The real reason to resign is you lost LS to KY, he was pressuring you to testify against PT in court. You could not put down your feet and say no to Atuk Tseten, Sikyong’s henchman, when he pressured you into giving him a signed statement that LS would use against PT in court. Where does it state in the exile charter or the constitution of any country for that matter that, “me too” movement has to be triggered by a woman only? Also does one have to be a woman to be a feminist? If that is the basic criterion, then what is your view on HH the Dalai Lama, a man, claiming to be a hardcore feminist? Sexism is already ubiquitous in our community for long, and my effort is to uproot it from the top down. But why am I not receiving support from you-a feminist-on this if you truly care about women’s rights as you claim you do?

My effort will encourage women to serve CTA knowing very well that there are men like Mila Rangzen who will continue to protect them against great personal odds. Me misogynistic? I am happily married to a woman who bore two beautiful children. A hater of women would rather marry a cow than a woman. I am 50, and to this day I did not raise even a finger at a woman for any differences we might have because I respect them and their rights. In fact, I fought many times for women battered by their drunkard husbands. I am the first Tibetan to critique Buddha’s view that women are inferior to men. I am the first Tibetan to criticize buddha for refusing women into nun ordination. I am the first Tibetan to criticize the seating protocols where learned nuns are sat behind the unlearned monks during teachings. I am the first Tibetan to criticize the Buddhist view that an ideal wife should be like a goddess worthy of worship during the day and a skillful prostitute on a bed at night. I am the first Tibetan who uses the term kayma, (female) not kayman (inferior birth) for women.  

I published the video on 12/11/18, and you rebutted on 1/17/19. If I wronged you, why did it take you 37 days to rebut me? And also why didn’t you rebut while you were in India? Why did you rebut just a day after you landed in the US? Why did you not hold a press conference if LS was so clean? Once you criticized LS of nepotism and regionalism but all of a sudden he became nice, and you became his secretary. And then you resigned.

What political agenda are you talking about? Me not a politician and never will be. I supported you with all my heart since 2010. In the court of public opinion, it’s a draw. In the legal court, LS meets Mila soon. Now I challenge you to take me to the court of Nechung and Palden Lhamo, and LS should join us too, and sungmamarnak will decide the fate of the guilty with death within​ a month. You can no longer hide under the pretext of speaking up for Tibetan women’s rights.