The founder of Tibet Star, a hardcore UTSANG, won $1.6 billion megamillions in South Carolina​

He is talking to his lawyer and financial advisor…

But his friend got his plans leaked out to the media.

He is going to donate from the jackpot in the following way:-

  1. 1 % will go toward the preservation or growth of mother nature mainly the plantation of 100 trillion trees around the world
  2. 1 % will go toward the conservation of wildlife especially those that are facing extinction
  3. 1 % will go toward the college education of a thousand minorities in the US
  4. 1 % will go toward the college education of a thousand poor Indian students
  5. 1 % will go toward the college education a thousand poor Nepalese students
  6. 1 % will go toward the college education of a thousand poor Bhutanese students
  7. 1 % will go toward the Tibetan independence struggle
  8. 1 % will go toward the Utsang independence struggle
  9. 1 % will go toward the security of the Dalai Lama
  10. 1 % will go toward the total secularization of CTA, total eradication of the 10 religious seats in the exile Tibetan parliament, Total removal of the department or ministry of religion from the cabinet, multi-party democracy, an opposition party parliament, bicameral, and residence population-based representation and voting system of democracy.
  11. 1 % will go toward the Utsang Association Centrex for sponsoring the college education of Utsang students
  12. 1 % will go toward Utsang Center for Performing Arts
  13. 1 % will go toward his phayul Jepa for college education in exile as well as in Tibet
  14. 1 % will go toward his mayul Chung Riwoche for college education in exile as well as in Tibet
  15. 1 % will go toward the construction of tar road and street lamps in Kollegal Tibetan settlement
  16. 1 % will go toward his friends’ children’s college education
  17. 1 % will go to his relatives
  18. 39 % will go toward the construction of a UTSANG CITY in Nilgiri hills in south India
  19. 40 % will go toward investment to regenerate constant flow of cash toward future projects
  20. 5 % will go toward his family savings and expenses

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6 thoughts on “The founder of Tibet Star, a hardcore UTSANG, won $1.6 billion megamillions in South Carolina​”

  1. Personally, as an Utsang, I have nothing but admiration for Mr Jepa’s dream of an exclusive Utsang city in the pictureque Nilgiri Hills. I have visited the place with my wife back in 2002. I totally fell in love with the place.

    But we have to make it carbon neutral, and market our city as the greenest city in India. Look at Bir – the city of Khampas, the areas is full of pollution with second-hand cars buzzing around the clock, and kerbs marked by defacation, dog faeces. In their monastary compounds, you find monks screwing other monks, or ladies from the downtown. But in Utsang city, we won’t allow such decadence. Horny couples – whether between male and male, or male and female – will be given separate ‘Pleasure Rooms’.

    My wife loves your inspirational speeches. Please keep going. Ignore pathetic souls pulling your legs. We respect you, Sir. You are the right hand of HH Dalai Lama with compassion spreading to infinite space and time. To you, I salute you in obsesiance.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have had the pleasure of watching your motivational talks on Utsang unity, and how each of us can contribute towards a successful Utsang nation. I am sure that you have secretly taught Tsoksur Penpa Tsering how to talk effectively in public because PT is such a fine oractor; and I daresay almost as find as Mao Zedong or Adolf Hitler, or His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, or 17th Karmapa, or King of Bhutan, or Narendra Modi. All of these people belong to vastly different arenas, but the common denoniminator is that they can speak with power.

    Whist PT is a man great fame and honour, he is recently unemployed after vindictive Khampa man Lobsang Sangay threw him into the dungeon of disgrace for no other reason than simply Vendetta with capital V. I, along with Purang camp in Hunsur, urge you to consider bestowing a sum of at least $50,000 for Utsang warrior Penpa Tsering’s upkeep. Our hero PT is relying on the generousity of Phyul Chikpas at the moment, but we know fish and guest smell in three days, or three months.

    Can you, dear Sir, open a restruant in Parkdale in Toronto for Penpa Tsering so that he can live in the country with a certain air of prestige, despite Khampa LS’s doings? There is a discomforting mismatch between PT’s political prestige and his actual net worth, and we need to fix that asap.

  3. I appreciate your contributions to our society Please keep it up like a guiding light for the navigation of our courses in this constantly changing world. Bodgyal lo!!!

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