A brief critique on Sikyong and DIIR Kalon Lobsang Sangay

Sikyong and DIIR Kalon; Lobsang Sangay was born in Darjeeling in 1968 and did his schooling from CST Darjeeling. He did his BA and LLB from Delhi University. He earned a Fulbright scholarship at Harvard Law School and did his LLM there.

In 2003, Sangay organized five conferences between Chinese and Tibetan scholars, including a meeting between the Dalai Lama and thirty-five Chinese scholars at Harvard University and he went to China in 2005.

His dissertation on Democracy in Distress: Is Exile Polity a Remedy? A Case Study of Tibet’s Government-in-exile got help from a number of people including Tendar (late) and Dawa Norbu (late).

He has used the word lama for HHDL.

He was named as the Accidental Prime Minister of Tibet by the Atlantic Newspaper, not having served CTA at all. In the interview given to the Newspaper, he had acknowledged that he had filed for the candidature at kalontripa.org without any plan.

During the debate his cunningness as a law student worked against the modest opponent and  with his tall and empty promises he could fool the naïve Tibetans hoping for a change. He had no experience of working in CTA and his competency in Tibetan Language was minimal.

First time in the history of CTA, the DIIR Kalon, Deckyi Choeyang  and Desung Kalon Donchung Ngodup resigned from their post, being unable to work under LS.

In 2011, HH devolved all his political power to the elected leaders and the power intoxicated LS used all the media of CTA as his private property to boost his image rather than to reach out to the International media to highlight the plight of Tibetans inside Tibet with ever increasing self- immolation.

His second term election campaign started on a wrong footing, by using his official position as a platform to promote his candidature for Sikyong in 2016. He used religious teaching as a means to get leverage for election too that rocked Tibetan Society which led to the disheartenment of HHDL.

The election campaign was less on how one would administer CTA but more on vilifying your opponent. On the one hand PT had his manifesto printed yet the incumbent Sikyong was more on ‘I have five years of experience serving as Sikyong’. Khampa faction used intimidation, threat of assault, death threats and gang violence on Utsang supporters of PT that added fuel to the fire of division and disunity.

Since the election of Kalon Tripa, Utsang Cholkha had been at the forefront to name its candidates and they named PT as their candidate for Sikyong’s post. This right to nominate candidates is enshrined in the provision of the Charter and hence to cry that Utsang Cholkha’s filing of PT as candidate for Sikyong has led to the disharmony is incorrect and baseless.

LS won because no Utsang of influence stood up to awaken Utsang leytongs who form 75% of the exile population.

His termination of PT as the Dhonchoe of Ari was his biggest blunder of his political career because that clearly showed to the world that his word didn’t match his action: he had not forgotten and forgiven his opponent for giving him tough time in the election.

Moreover, LS didn’t want PT to shine by his reaching out to the Senators and to earn the praise of the abbots of the monasteries and Tibetans of United States because that would add milestone to the reputation of PT getting elected in the next election.

The issue of 1.5 million fund donation from Tibet Fund for buying the Office of Tibet was just an excuse to suspend PT, in which his MP aptuks also played their part.

People across Cholkhas found PT termination unreasonable and uncalled for on the basis of JA-PUNUN Drekzuk. Did LS and his Kalons listen to the voice of the dissent of the people? Was he not accountable to the people who put him in power? Instead he was dancing with the Khampas who were howling at the airport and singing Sungta Lemo So and carrying his photos to display their slavish devotion to the man simply because they are phayul chikpa. LS only incited the division within Cholkhas for his own gain. How can you now question the people saying that the divisive forces are very dangerous for the unity? You are the source and you are the cause. It was he who called for Lithang pungdrik in 2011 sikyong election. He lit the spark of negative regionalism in 2011 which turned into a wildfire in 2016 engulfing everything it came into contact with.

After getting elected as Sikyong in 2016 and vindictive a personality that he is he taught Dardon Sharling a lesson for talking against him in the preliminary debate. He appointed her as a Kalon for DIIR only to be disqualified two days later. She also lost her parliamentary seat to his former health minister’s brother Tenzin Jamyang.

Narcistic that he is he employed three CT staff to manage his Facebook account!

He gave positions to all of his campaign managers even though none of them served CTA for a single day prior. You see people like Choephel Thupten and Gelek Jungney were appointed as the Chief Representative of Southern Tibetan Settlement and Welfare officer of Lugsam Settlement.

Touring the world himself and letting all his ministers go around the world irrespective of one’s portfolio with personal holidays annexed to the pretext of Thank You program is the highlight of his second term. Are we expecting butter by churning water?

Talks with Chinese counterpart is nowhere in sight and the number of self immolators has crossed 152. What is LS led Kashag doing?

Sikyong and his Kalons didn’t attend the International Conference on MWA saying they don’t attend NGO meetings, yet they attended the Ngari Chithun Tsokpa’s dinner invitation and gave speeches.

He did not attend MWA conference because the key speaker was PT!

Preaching yarab sangchoe LS miserably failed to present himself as a role model. His misdeeds betrayed him

Simultaneously, the talk on need for unity is getting louder and louder from LS, yet his act of division is gaining momentum. In the world of internet and technology, the leaders can no longer fool the people with emotion-packed empty talks.

Recently concluded, DIIR organized 5/50 Youth Meet is the talk of the Tibetan public across the globe. The true color of how much LS cared for the preservation of Tibetan Language is revealed to the world. The Tibetan section of the booklet was filled with tons of grammatical mistakes. He failed to show basic respect to the Tibetan language. The language used in the meeting was mostly English and even LS spoke in English. Is this how we preserve our language?

Khabdha has penned an article with a caption “5 Tibetans and 50 English”

Can we afford to live in the fool’s paradise?

The situation inside Tibet is getting bleaker by the day. What are you doing other than building buildings in Gangchen Kyishong?

What have you as Sikyong accomplished for the Tibetan cause in 8 years?