A brief critique on Kalon Sonam Topgyal Khorlotsang

Sonam Topgyal was born in 1954. After completing his schooling, he joined CTA in 1979. He worked as the Director of Tibetan Reception Center, the Secretary of Finance department, Secretary of Tibetan Homes foundation, Mussoorie and the Secretary of the Department of Home.

He was demoted due to embezzlement at Tibetan Homes, Mussorie which he headed in 2000. However, thief, as he was, LS nominated him for Kalon of the 15th Kashag and was elected by the parliament.

He holds the Department of Home as his portfolio, yet instead of visiting the Tibetan Settlements where his presence and advice is needed the most; he was seen touring in America and chilling with his drinking buddies. No doubt he is a Juchen ass licker.

LS and he should know that the North America has a Dhonchoe as its representative who will reach out to its people on matters that Kashag needs him to do. Are LS and Kalons on a free vacation to Ari on CTA fund? Yes they are.

Through poverty alleviation or Nyamdak Shebjug program, we are making Tibetans lazy which is against the Rangkha Rangso motto of LS too.

Teach them how to make a living and live respectfully rather than to live on others hard earned money. Even the welfare States find it difficult to sustain on subsidies. We need more Neelamangla vocational centers to provide hand on skill programs to make our youth skillful to live with dignity. Don’t give fish to the hungry: teach him to fish.

What is the state of the co-operative societies in India? Almost all in state of bankruptcy or is it the platform for Pema Delek and his faction to play on for life time? Take charge of all the co-operative societies and put it under Nangsi and CTA, so that it is of some help to the shareholders.

As Article 93 of the Charter stipulates, products and revenues of cooperative societies must be used to benefit the shareholders. The societies’ revenue-generation activities must abide by the laws of host countries. Corrupt and immoral practices should be avoided at all costs.

We see no use of big meeting like 5/50 taking place in Dharamsala when the fruit of the conference is not reaching either to the people of settlements, or there is any progress in solving the question of Tibet with China.

Is it turning out to be a platform to nurture nepotism and build a connection for the future?