A brief critique on SO Gelek Jungney

A Campaign Manager turned Welfare Officer!

Gelek Jungney was born in Bylakuppe and his father is from Utsang Cholkha. He went to CST Bylakuppe but has not finished his schooling. He worked as a helper to local Tibetans in dealing with RC, as his proficiency in spoken Kanada language is his asset.

During the second term of LS, he was one of the campaign managers in South India who actively engaged with Pema Delek the then President of Tibetan Cooperative Society, for promoting LS in the south of India.

As a reward for his ground work as campaign manager, LS appointed him as the welfare officer of Lugsum Tibetan Settlement. He had openly received special treatment from the authority of CTA and was caught saying that he is the man of Sikyong, which is against the rules and regulations of CTA.

In the office, he works for some chosen monasteries as priority rather than to look into the broader affairs of the public interest. To site an example, he and Pema Delek have pushed the re-building of the Gyalwae Phodrang of the settlement to the backseat. Is it because this does not bring them any regional favoritism?

The reason behind his survival as a welfare officer is not only the blessing from LS but is backed by Pema Delek and by those chosen monasteries who he works for.

Is this the legacy we are going to pass to our youth from LS?

Is this the transparency we are looking at as envisioned by His Holiness?

The youth of today like him are forging their ambition through nepotism and unfair means for personal gain. He is hand in gloves with people in position like Pema Delek and LS.

How long are we going to be fooled with empty promises?