A brief critique on MP Tsewang Rigzin

MP Tsewang Rigzin, born in Gangtok and raised in Bylakuppe and did his schooling from CST Chowkur, CST Gurupura and in Gangtok. He went to St. Philomena’s College in Mysore, South India.

He served as an executive member of RTYC, Minnesota and the President of RTYC, Portland & Vancouver. He was a board member of International Tibet Independence Movement founded by Taktser Rinpoche.

He was the President of the Central Executive Committee of TYC for two consecutive terms. He sacrificed $300,000 which he could make in six years in US but he went to India to lead TYC. His wife with great hardship singlehandedly took care of their family in his absence.

During his tenure, he followed the orders from Dhondup Lhadar, Dolma Gyari and Karma Yeshi, and TYC began suffering fragmentation for the first time in since 1970.

Unlike the youth forum, which should be open and liberal, those who were protesting outside were not given a chance to put forth their stand in the meeting.

Everything was settled behind the closed door and hence TYC divided into two.

It was he who told HH in 2012 that he could drive off Chinese from Tibet. This outburst is consistent with his independence stand but what is he waiting for? Chase them now?

As a parliamentarian, did he make a personal appeal on facebook, when HH was confronted with a Shugden nun in California?

A bunch of politically correct sycophantic idiots begging CHINA to give them something.

LS is a chameleon but TR sent his TYC members to receive LS at the NYC airport as if he had magic wand to resolve the Tibet issue.

Well this move is in part a response to PT who hurt his ego several times when PT was the speaker of TPiE.

The saddest part is he failed to raise the issue on the undemocratic nature of Tibetan parliamentary system. What is he afraid of? What is his excuse?