A brief critique on MP Ngawang Tharpa

MP Ngawang Tharpa Gewatsang was born in 1980 in Sog Dzong, Kham. He studied Buddhist Philosophy at Tsendhen monastery in SogDzong. In exile, he studied at Tibetan Transit School for three years.

He worked at Norbulingka Institute as Computer sections and was an active member of Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI). He was the president of the 8th LTA, Dharamsala.

He owes a lot to Serta Tsultrim, the owner of Bangchen and Khawa Karpo as he has been working as administrator, web-master and reporter at KhawaKarpo Tibet Culture Centre in Dharamshala since 2006. Hence, he is left with no choice but to comply with the thoughts of Serta Tsultrim be it in the parliament house or on social media.

Recently he was seen parroting the thoughts of ST on face book on the two Dhotoe Chushi Gangdruk affair without having clear knowledge of the history of it.

He is no different from the rest of the youths elected with lopsided negative regionalism.

His loyalty to his Cholkha is obvious from his holding the post of the Vice-Gen. Secretary of Central DhokhamChushi-Gangdruk.