A brief critique on MP Lobsang Yeshi

MP Lobsang Yeshi did his schooling from SFF Tibetan School, Herbertpur and BA/B Ed degree from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

He served as the General Secretary of RBRDL and President of RTYC and Vice President of Foreign Students’ Association in Chandigarh in his college days.

He taught in CST Paonta Sahib and at Sera Jey Secondary School in Bylakuppe. He worked as a researcher and translator in Tibetan Affairs Monitor and Research Unit in Delhi.

He worked as the Secretary and vice President of Centrex of TYC. He was a board member, Coordinator and an HIV-Trainer at CHOICE HIV/AIDS.  He is also an independent researcher and produces research papers and articles on Sino-Indo-Tibetan Affairs.

He is also a teacher turned politician, elected in the 15th and 16th TPiE from Dhotoe Cholkha. As a parliamentarian, he is well informed on Tibet and International affairs but he lacks the courage to dig deep into the shortcomings of LS Kashag and take a stand on tough issues.

Can we relate this with the KUDRAK issues with Utsang? Utsangs have come a long way leaving behind KUDRAK devotion.

Does PON worshipping among Kham Cholkha still exist in 21st century?

What’s best about him is his being not sucked into negative regionalism. Of course he will not let go off his regional interest which is his right but you can sit and talk with him on any sensitive topics and completely disagree with him and still get along and have a lively social interaction. That is rare in Kham cholka.

So he is the best MP from Dhotoe cholka.

He wouldn’t pour oil on the fire of Khampa negative regionalism that is eating up at the base of Tibetan unity for six decades.