A brief critique on MP Lobsang Choejor

MP Lobsang Choejor was born in 1982 at Rebkong, Amdo, Tibet. He did his schooling in Tibet.

In exile, he studied at Institute of Buddhist Dialectic, Dharamsala, English at the British Council based in Delhi and went to Taiwan to study Chinese language at Tamkang University.

He worked as a researcher at history section in CTA and was assistant Director at the Central office of Tibet People’s Movement for MWA. He also had authored books on history, politics, culture and poetry.

He is a first timer in the 16th TPiE elected from Dhomey Cholkha. He is well informed about the things that are taking place around CTA and Tibetan community and is one of the most outspoken members in the parliament especially on LS.

Most of the Khampa factions both from Cholkha and Choelug seemed at dead end to harass and humiliate him with personal attack on his work before he became a Parliament member, yet he is unyielding.

He takes a clear stand on issues relating to Tibetan community and he was upfront on contempt on the State oracle Nechung and Gaden Phodrang by Tenpa Marphel in the house. He has the courage and the historical background to substantiate his stand also. He should fight to the end of the world.

If not granting his request for delay in going to Australia on family ground is true, how come Bawa Kalsang’s request was granted before? Is there a different yardstick from person to person or is there the hand of LS in it as both of them seem playing hare and hound in the parliament?

His loyalty to his root is well displayed in his word and action.

3 thoughts on “A brief critique on MP Lobsang Choejor”

  1. His other name is Sharshok Khutta. He’s a chinese spy who carries Chinese flag under MWP banner.

  2. Of course, LS has the authority to stop lobsang from going to australia. If he doesn’t have that power, then what is he? a puppet? a joker?

    1. No LS has no authority to stop anyone. He can try but. He tried to have a say on US visa authorization to Tibetans in 2012 but the US embassy said sorry nobody can manipulate their visa decision power. So yes he is a puppet of HH and a joker to the people.

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