A brief critique on MP Jampa Tsering

A typical Utsang laytong

MP Jampa Tsering Samdho has Shastri and Acharya degrees from the Central Institution of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi. He is a first timer in 16thTPiE elected from Switzerland as a member from Europe.

His ground work in Swiss in support of LS during his second term campaign is believed to have given him a seat in the house. As a parliamentarian, he is seen to be showing his proficiency in Tibetan language but lacked courage in taking a stand on different issues with clarity.

During the recent Sikyong LS’s public meeting at Swiss an empowered lady dared to ask a question and wished to offer a scarf to LS. Samdho Jampa, despite being a member of Parliament and custodian of democracy signaled the body guard of LS to stop the lady, which went viral on the internet.

Instead of taking the side of the freedom of speech and liberty in democracy, he took side of the authority of LS to be in his good book. Though a proud student of Samdong Lama, did he make his teacher proud with his slavish mindset? At a public gathering in Swiss recently he addressed LS with a dozen titles in a single breath. Only a slave would do that to his master.

Though elected from Europe irrespective of cholkha, he did attend the felicitaiton by Utsang Centrex to all the Utsangpas elected in the 16thTPiE. And for that a thumbs up.