A brief critique on choelug MP Khampa Atuk Tseten

Atuk Tsetan was born in Lithang on 12 January 1983 in Tibet. He fled into exile in 1991 and joined Drepung Gomang monastery in India.

He earned Geshe Larampa degree (Ph.D. of Buddhist Philosophy) in 2015. 

He was elected to the 15th and 16thTPiE from Gelug sect, currently serving in the Standing Committee.

MP Atuk Tsetan got a two-pronged opportunity to lobby around the world, when his uncle Rungyal Adrak rose against the Chinese oppression. Thus he secured a seat for the first time from the Geluk Sect in the 15th TPiE.

He is a Phayul chikpa and staunch supporter of Sikyong Lobsang Sangay. Not only does he blindly support LS, sometimes he answers on behalf of Kashag forgetting that he is a Member of Parliament in the house.

He along with Monlam Tharchen raised the issue of former Speaker of the house and then representative of office of Washington DC, Penpa Tsering’s job satisfaction in the house, which was seen by many as a question that was put in his mouth by Sikyong himself.

This later led to Penpa Tsering’s termination before his term and in the history of CTA, wherever Sikyong went he was met with protests from Tibetans from all walks of life till date.

When Gelugpa sect was reeling under the adverse effect of Dhoegyal, he as a Gelug Chithue couldn’t utter a word of protest in his constituency (Dhensa Sum) leave aside to post a circular in the social media to stop practicing Dhoegyal.

Is it because he has a number of his phayul chikpa following Dhoegyal?

He brags in the parliament that he is a follower of UmeyLam yet when International Umey Lam Conference was convened this year in May, he was the one who posted a circular on the social media requesting the monks in the Dhensa Sum not to attend the conference simply because the guest speaker was Penpa Tsering.

A big slap on his face was served by Gaden Tri Rinpoche who had officially wished the conference a success. This killed his post.

By posting such an appeal, he not only showed his real color on UmeyLam. It is also a kick to the head of the His Holiness.

As a responsible MP he should raise the issue of drinking and rampant homosexuality (or thigh fuck to be precise ) and pedophilia in Tibetan monasteries.

Despite being from a religious sect, he had shown his loyalty to his Cholkha by attending Dotoe Chushi Gangdruk Meeting both in Delhi and Dharamsala.

One thought on “A brief critique on choelug MP Khampa Atuk Tseten”

  1. Trust me 90% of Khampas sanjors and 95% of Tibetans under 30 years of age is against ‘restriction’ on Dorjee Shugden these days. You’ll see that no one talks about Shugden anymore – including sakya trizin and karmapa – because 80% of Kham area in Tibet still follows shugden.
    In England, for instance, lots of Caucasian whites follow shugden. Since white people are more powerful than minority immigrants, few Tibetans who stand with dalai lama on shugden ban are scared to speak up.

    Yup, CTA and Dalai Lama has lost the war on Shugden pratice. In Tibet, the diety is getting more and more popular, year by year.
    So, after Dalai Lama dies, Tibetans will start embracing dorjee Shugden practice as legitimate, and see the ban as wrong.

    I am not a single Khampa MP, and also sanjor MPs across Cholkha, support the ban on Shugden these days for both political and tactical reasons. They just don’t show it.

    Andruk Tseten has many friends who still worship shugden.

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