A brief critique on choelug MP Khampa Thupten Gyaltsen

MP Thubten Gyaltsen was born in 1982 at Markham, Tibet. He studied Buddhist Philosophy at Tsechen Shedup Thekchokling monastery in Tibet and after coming into exile joined Sakya Centre Rajpur, and later Sakya Institute Purawala for further studies.

He has Shastri and Acharya Degree in Buddhist philosophy and taught Buddhist philosophy at Sakya Institute for five years.

He is a first timer in the 16th TPiE elected from Sakya Sect. As a parliamentarian, he is in align with the Khampa faction with full of negative regionalism. He is in tune with them in all sense though he doesn’t shout in the house just as some of his co-choelug Chithues. MP Choelug Kada Ngodup shouts in the house as if it’s a soap opera though. You don’t have to shout to be heard.

As a responsible MP he should raise the issue of drinking and rampant homosexuality (or thigh fuck to be precise ) and pedophilia in Tibetan monasteries.

His loyalty to his root is clear from his attendance in the Dhotoe Chushi Gangdruk meetings.

MP Choelug kada ngodup shouts in the house, though you don’t have to shout to be heard.