A brief critique on choelug MP Khampa Kunga Sotop

MP Ven. Kunga Sotop was born in 1980 at Terton town of Derge Jondha, Kham,Tibet. He studied Tibetan and Chinese language at a local school and later moved to Tergar monastery to study Tibetan Buddhist practice and ritual traditions.

After coming into exile, he joined Palpung Sherbaling, Kagyur monastery in Bir nd Sera Jhe to study Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist dialectics respectively.

As a responsible MP he should raise the issue of drinking and rampant homosexuality (or thigh fuck to be precise ) and pedophilia in Tibetan monasteries.

He is a first timer elected in the16th TPiE from Kagyue sect. The highlight of his being parliamentarian is that so far he was able to maintain the proper decorum in the house with smile and humor and also raised the concerns of his allotted constituency.

Despite being elected from religious sect, his loyalty to his Cholkha is clear with his attendance in all the major meetings of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk.