A brief critique on MP Yeshi Dolma

MP Yeshi Dolma was born in 1971 in Dharamshala and completed her schooling from TCV Dharamsala.

She served as the executive member of both at the regional and Centrex of TWA, Dharamsala. She also worked as cashier and board member of the Regional and Central Dhomay Association, Dharamsala respectively.

She was elected to the 14th, 15th and 16th TPiE as the member from Dhomey Cholkha. As a parliamentarian, her contribution in the house is minimal and her stammering talk in the house is the pity of many onlookers yet she is elected without any difficulty. Why? Is her face her fortune or is it her financial contribution to Dhomey Cholkha getting her a seat reserved in the house?

Her loyalty to her Cholkha is clear from her holding different post in it and also by her contributing to it.