A brief critique on MP Tsering Youdon

MP TseringYoudon studied in SFF Tibetan, Herbertpur. She holds diplomas in computer and Secretarial from Bangalore and Masters in Political Science from Mysore. 

She worked as Program Assistant secretary and sponsorship assistant under MYRADA. She was the project officer at the Representative office of Hunsur Rabgyaling Settlement and President of RTWA and President of Regional Domey Association.

She was elected as the treasurer and Vice- President of TRL Co-operative Society.

She was elected in the 14th, 15th and 16th TPiE from Dhomey Cholkha.

As a parliamentarian, she questions the executive on the sustainability of the Settlements but she lacks courage to take her stand on the prevalent issues in the community.

She failed to take a stand on the mass protest on termination of PT from Ari Dhonchoe in the house and she was not seen with Chithues who went to see the protestors at the basketball ground either. This clearly shows her zero pride in her Amdo root. Cowards live in denial because it feels safer.