A brief critique on Kalon Phagpa Tsering

Kalon Labrang Phagpa Tsering was born in the year 1965 and completed his education from North-West Nationalities University.

After coming to exile, he joined CTA in 1993 and served in various capacities. He was the Administrative Secretary of the Department of Security before he was nominated as Kalon of the 15th Kashag by Sikyong LS and was elected by parliament.

He was one of the surprise candidates in the list of Kalons nominated by LS in the parliament. For the security of His Holiness, if language is a must to reach out to the dignitaries of Indian offices, he is not well equipped and speaks no English and lacks experience to give talks even to the Tibetan Community as he was mostly involved in the Tibet related research work.

His communication skill if any in the house is way below the expectation. If you looking for an inefficient Amdo in the CTA he is a good example.

The prime work of Desung Kalon is to closely monitor the security of His Holiness, which is done with the help of Indian Government at the center and also at the state levels.

Other than the bomb scare during the teaching at Bodh Gaya, there wasn’t any lapse so far. Does Kalon know who was behind this incident and what measures were taken to prevent the repetition of such a terror?

As a Kalon, his first work was at the Kalachakra teaching at Bodh Gaya, where the seating arrangements for the Tibetans living in India were given step motherly treatment. It was seen that his subordinates were better informed than the Kalon himself.

How was the news of Samdong Rimpoche’s visit to Tibet leaked? When questioned in the house, he told the house that he hasn’t bridged the oath of secrecy but he should know how this secret endeavor got leaked.

Is his office supposed to have all the info on these? It was actually leaked by Sikyong to an Himalayan friend of his called Stopden who leaked it in an article.

Online registration of RC was introduced during his time, which has caused commotion in major Tibetan Settlements where the Tibetans are in majority. They had to resort to bribery to get their work done to finish within the limited time. Looking into the time taken in Indian offices, the time allotment was too short.

What has his office done to ease the difficulties of people who had to leave for  winter sweater selling season?


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  1. So he came to India in 1993? He’s a Sarjor. He did his university in China. People are saying 1 out of every 10 Sarjor is a Chinese spy, and Nyari Rinpoche has confirmed this.
    What if he is a Chinese spy? What if he kills HH Dalai Lama, like the Sikh bodyguard of Indira Gandhi out of Sanjor-Shichak resentment which had been simmering beneath the surface for decades?

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