A brief critique on MP Pema Chagzoetsang

MP Pema Chagzoetsang worked in Tibetan Homes Foundation Office, Mussoorie. She was a Board member of the New Hope Multi-Cultural Center and was President of Utah Tibetan Association (UTA) for two terms.

She worked at Utah Governor’s Asian Council, Board member of the Tibet Fund and Director of Utah State Refugee for several years.

She coordinated His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s first-ever historic visit to Utah in 2001 and 2016.

Currently, she is working for the State Community Services Office, administering Federal and state grants for statewide Homelessness, Low-income and HIV Programs and was honored with YWCA’s Women of the Year Social Service and the JC Penny Award for Social Service in 1992.

She is a first timer in the 16th TPiE elected from North America. As a parliamentarian, she was able to voice the concerns of her constituency in the house and was among the first in the house to talk on the dissatisfaction of the people on the suspension of former Ari Dhonchoe PT by Kashag.

Even though she is married to a Tehor Khampa she does not kiss Khampa ass as much as others do and that’s great news.

However, that fact that she did not attend the Utsang invitation which was extended to any Utsang who won a seat in the Parliament and the cabinet is a testament that she is not proud of her root and was scared to be labelled. And that is shame and absolutely unacceptable.

Khampas would burn down temples and walk about as if they did nothing whereas Utsangs are scared to light even a lamp in their own home.

What we Utsangs need to vote in are Utsangs who are not only educated, experienced and skillful but also who are decisive, committed, resolute, upfront, and proud of their Utsang roots and courageous enough to stand up to Khampa bullies and racists.

When it comes to domestic politics, Utsang comes first.

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