A brief critique on MP Kyinzom Dhongdue

MP Kyinzom Dhongdue was born in Bylakuppe and did her schooling from TCV Dharamshala. She did her BA in English literature in Delhi University and Post-Graduation in Journalism at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

She worked with various newspapers in New Delhi including the Times of India for over four years. She was the campaign manager at Australia Tibet Council and is the Australasia representative of the Steering Committee of International Tibet Network.

She is a first timer in the 16th TPiE representing Australasia Tibetans. As a parliamentarian, she takes every chance to talk on Tibet in international sphere and the influence of China spreading in the world. By taking her stand on the mass protest by the people to Kashag, she has told LS that in democracy differences should be welcomed for constructive change as uniformity of ideas prevail only in an authoritarian regime.

By not attending the felicitation by Centrex Utsang Cholkha for all the dignitaries who secured a berth in Kashag and Chithue, she has shown that either she was too scared to be labeled or she just doesn’t have any pride in her Utsang root. And that is shame. Absolutely unacceptable.

What good does acquiring modern education and international exposure do if all one can be is politically correct in a situation that demands the calling of a spade a spade? It’s a bad example to our politically naive folks whose heads I have been pounding to wake them up first because Malcolm X rightly said

She should also remember that those who were after her father’s blood in Byllakuppe in 1990 were Khampas who physically assaulted Utsang Namgyal Wangdue- the Settlement Officer of old Byllakuppe settlement. My thoroughly educated brother fought them via press, cops, and court while I was waiting for the green signal to raze the Camp 4, a khampa base, to ashes.

Being a son of Genghis Khan myself I have no mercy for those who hate and harm us even if they are the so-called Tibetan brothers and I have no mercy to those Utsangs who suck Khampa ass. Period.

She should have the courage to stand up and take pride in her Cholkha and be a part in making Utsang a success story in exile.

One thought on “A brief critique on MP Kyinzom Dhongdue”

  1. More of a liability to utsang unity than a benefit. it is because of spineless women like her that we are unable to gather utsangs into a cohesive whole, and then launch campaigns agaisnt our enemies.
    result of bad parenting, i would say.

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