A brief critique on Kaydor

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 5.06.24 AM Kador did his BA in Literature from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and got his Master’s degree in International Business and Chinese Studies from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

His contribution in the Tibetan Community started as the Project Director and President of Tibetan Association of Northern California (TANC) from 2009 and quit before his term was up.

When Lobsang Sangay got elected as Kalon Tripa of CTA, Sangay appointed Kador as his Special Advisor (2011-2013) during which he managed speech, media and project proposal writing and was the founding Program Director of Tibet corps. Tibet corps mobilized voluntary service and available talent to link them back to the needs of the community and its various institutions thereby building the capacity of the Tibetan system.

During the first term of Sangay as Kalon Tripa, the official speeches of the Sikyong were first written in English and then translated in Tibetan which would give a very bumpy script in Tibetan because the way of giving importance in Tibetan is different from English. Sangay had greater confidence in Kador than for all those senior civil staffs that had been serving in CTA, who had a better understanding of how official speeches are written. Moreover, the favoritism by Sangay and Kador to the lone staff of Tibet Corps, Tenzin Nyima is the talk of Gangkyi as her personal invitation to travel to South Korea was made official just to cite a small example.

During Sangay’s second term as Sikyong, leaving all the deserving civil staffs, he appointed Kador as Ari Dhonchoe, the Representative of office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (from Sep.2013-Aug.2016) to North America for 3 years. It was during his time that the Parliament house was rocked by the placement of a small His Holiness Dalai Lama’s photo on the hearth, whereas a big photo of Sangay was placed on the political area with better view position backed by the national flag of Tibet and United States of America on both the sides.

Instead of accepting the blunder caused by Kador, Sangay was seen shielding his friend in the house. If you want to hear the height of nepotism, Kador made sure that his sister Yudon Aukatsang is among the resource person during the First Tibetan Youth Leadership Meet in the USA and people doubt during 5/50 meet also she would be given the same chance wherever the venue is?

After the appointment of Penpa Tsering to Ari Dhonchoe, Sangay had to call his friend to Gangkyi. He was appointed the Chief Resilience Officer of the Central Tibetan Administration, since October 2016 till date who is responsible for managing key projects and relationships that will contribute to the long-term resilience of the CTA, other Tibetan Institutions, and the Tibetan community. It is believed that Karma Yeshi is the department of finance Kalon for namesake but the finance Kalon in a real sense is  Kador as the whole fund is under the scrutiny of Kador and not under Kalon?

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