A brief critique on MP Dorji Tseten

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Mr. DorjeeTseten was born in Bir Tibetan Refugee settlement, Himachal Pradesh. He obtained his BA in Economics and PGD in Human Rights Studies from MS University, Gujarat.

He is a first timer who got elected in the 16thTPiE as a Dhotoe member. As a Parliamentarian, he is one of the most vocal supporters of Rangzen as the means to settle the case of Tibet rather than Umaylam. Good.

When Dardon Sharling got nominated as a candidate for Kalon in Sangay’s Kashag, she is said to have passed on the post of the Director of the Steering Committee of International Tibet Network to him as her confidant to shoulder this post.

Since he is mostly seen either in Europe or in American, his presence in attending the meetings of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk is rare.

However, he does flock with his Khampa tribesmen when confronted with domestic politics. He is not neutral.

One thought on “A brief critique on MP Dorji Tseten”

  1. Khampa sarjor MPs are stop Dalai Lama returning to Tibet in revenge against attack on late Karma Choephel, and Tenpa Yarphel in the coming parliament session. The method they will use is sinister. Tenpa Yarphel always said returning of Dalai Lama to Tibet isn’t never a solution to Tibet issue, as the case is about 7 million Tibetans.

    Using that logic, they will say, ‘ Chinese will, of course, allow Dalai lama to Potala for their own benefit. But if we accept Tibet is part of china in exchange for Dalai lama’s return, then Tibetans will reject the offer. Dalai Lama shoujld stay in exile till death, while CTA fights for Tibet solution.

    There is no ‘ Middle Way Policy’ because China has made it illegal. Khampa team are preparing how to crush Dalai lama and Utsang amdo team in september.

    They all know that is the last parliament, they know dalai lama can die next year even, or Indian government shut down CTA. And they have to take their opportunity to destroy dalai lama with back-handed compliments full of sarcasm and sinister proverbs

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