A brief critique on MP Pema Delek

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Mr. PemaDelek was born in 1952 in Lingtsang, Kham, Tibet. After arriving in exile in 1959, he studied at CST Bylakuppe and Namdroling Monastery, Bylakuppe before joining Sanskrit University in Varanasi.

He served as the Secretary and subsequently the President of Arlikumari Milk Producers’ Cooperative Society from 1980-1982. He was one of the Directors of Tibetan Cooperative Society (TCS) Ltd., Bylakuppe and also became its first elected Secretary from 1985-1989.

He was among the six signatories from Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk executives who along with Rinchen Tsering, Adhar Wangyal, Choenga Tsering, Adha Wangayl, Chime Tsering and Sonam Phuntsok signed the illegal Treaty with the Tibetan Mongolian Section of Taiwan at Bangalore in 1994, whose only aim was to destabilize the unity of Tibetans. Proof document with signature in Tibetan is this.

He served as President for two terms from 2004-2014. He served as the Vice-Chairman and later the Chairman of the Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India.

It was during this time that along with Lhochi Tashi Phuntsok, CEO Tashi Wangdu, and Choephel Thupten the project of Tibet Mall was visualized but all of them took advantage of their position and kept the best of the shops and restaurants for themselves keeping the shareholders in the dark during the allocation of the shops and restaurants in Tibet Mall. When questioned he answered that auction declaration was made online. When was the announcement made and which website was used for the announcement? Did anyone see it? Did he take the innocent lambs of Bylakuppe on a free ride as he knew that the majority of the people lack the courage to question him?

He served as Assistant Regional Election Officer for two terms helping LS win by illegal means.

Despite efforts from the center, the people of Bylakuppe could not visualize the vision of HHDL to have the democracy at the grass root by electing their representatives at the local level i.e. Sanae Thue-tsok or local assembly. Did he in his capacity help in making it impossible to elect? Or did he lead his faction along with a handful of Amdo to insist on having a representation of Cholkha? Yes, he often led along with Khampa Thubga and 15 other old green brain Khampas would, in a true mafia fashion, intimidate, threaten and beat up those Utsangs who express the need for a local Tibetan assembly. Though he talks about the wishes and speeches of HH but being Chithue from Bylakupp, his actions speak otherwise. 

He is currently the President of TCS Ltd., Bylakuppe, the Chairman of the Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India. He stole millions of rupees from the Federation for years.

Can you imagine the annual return of the federation is 1% since 2005? If you deposit the 100 crores of rupees in a bank, the annual return would be 13%. The corruption is obvious even to a child. 

He is a highly regionalistic Khampa who discriminates against his employees on the basis of cholka. 90% of the employees under his office are Khampas. When a Khampa joins his workforce the job is permanent from day one and the salary and benefits are the best you can get. But when a Utsang joins his federation workforce, his job remains under the temporary category for years and the pay is 200% less than a permanent employee. Is the Dalai Lama listening?

Also, he harasses Utsang employees daily and to the point, they would quit one by one.

He is guilty of human trafficking mainly Tibetans since 1998 to the west especially the US charging each individual from rupees 5 lacs to rupees 30 lacs for a visa granted.

He is also guilty of raping many Tibetan women in Byllakuppe. Once the lady gets the visa he or his men take control of the passport or IC and the visa on it. Now two choices remain for her. Either submit to his sexual demand and make the payment and get the passport and leave or not submit to his carnal demands and not get the passport and not make it to the US. Is the Dalai Lama listening?

According to the bye-law of the Cooperative Society of India, there is the limit a person can hold an office but for the Pema Delek, he is the lifetime president  of the Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India with the real power, though the namesake President is a lamb from Utsang and his name is Namgyal Tsering from Mundgod. Such is the hypocrisy of Utsang people!

He was elected the President of the 19th and the current 20thWorking Committee of Welfare Society of Central Dhokham Chushi Gangdrug as he represents the real aspiration of Khampas.

Delek was first elected to the 11thTPiE from which he voluntarily resigned owing to the allegation of the signing of illegal Treaty with Tibetan Mongolian office of Taiwan in Bangalore in 1994. The memory span of people is very short. Now that people have forgotten the old doing, he is re-elected in 16th TPiE and as a parliamentarian, he is at the forefront to safeguard the interest of his people and his aptuks in the south with stamps and signatures from monasteries.