A brief critique on MP Namgyal Dolkar Lhagyari

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She is young from the Lhagyari Trichen family lineage and irrespective of having a reservation on coming from Kudrak family, she is being pampered by Tenpa Yarphel
and his faction with whom she hangs out. They lavish praise on her as the courageous MEPOE DUNGYUE of course for political gain and nothing else.

There is a dispute on social media if she is really the biological daughter of Lhagyari. The allegation is that she is the daughter of late Tenpa Samkar from Mussorie. But this can only be proved through DNA with his brother Mingyur Samkar in Australia. 

However, this is not that important for three reasons:-

  1. 25% of Tibetans don’t know if their social father is their biological father and that’s because Tibetan society is pretty promiscuous.
  2. The Dalai Lama gave the Lhagyari recognition to her.
  3. She is the product of her social father because that’s the major environment which nurtured her. Certainly, the role of memes in one’s life cannot be discounted. Both DNA and memes play an equally important role in shaping up one’s personality.

Well, since she has the support of Tenpa Yarphel faction she gains the courage to talk the way she talks. 

She was seen with her Amdo husband at the Gagal airport to receive VIPs of the Rangzen meet. That’s fine. 

She drinks and smokes. I care less. Sikyong Sangay drinks too for social lubrication. In fact, 90% of our political leaders drink. No big deal so long as her liver remains healthy and intact. 

During her contractual working at TWA Centrex, she toured around 15-16 Tibetan living pockets giving a workshop on legal awareness. However, she failed to turn in the report of her tour to the center and she gave back the office laptop empty saying she forgot the password.

She once picked up a fight for half a day pay. Before she finished her contractual tenure she got elected as GU CHU SUM president and she left TWA.

At Gu Chu Sum she couldn’t secure funds and the organization was going through a downfall. Her representation as the President of the organization is very minimal at all NGO meet during the visit of VIPs. Her bold talks don’t match with her management skill to run such an organization. Well, she is young but will pick it up soon.

That is not the problem.

The problem is the ever-widening gap between Utsang voters and her. 

Utsangs would love to support her but many perceive her as a willing slave of Khampa politicians promoting their provincial interests to the point her manner and tone of her communication with the very people who voted her in is, to put it mildly disturbing.

Deep down she ( and her mother too) hates Utsangs. Every time a Khampa politician attacks an Utsang politician in the parliament you can’t help but notice the little smirk. 

She is definitely not proud of her roots despite claims on the contrary. 

I personally would love to support her or any Utsang for that matter but I have no mercy for any Utsang who sucks Khampa ass. Period.

3 thoughts on “A brief critique on MP Namgyal Dolkar Lhagyari”

  1. Does she smoke weed? If she does, then I – an unwashable Utsang – would vote her in again in 2021

    I heard Tenpa Yarphel drinks whisky socially. I hope that’s not true.

  2. I am not surprised to see such weak accusations, but I am surprised that thetibetstar.com published this article without the name of writer and little about him/her. I suggest thetibetstar.com should publish articles with name and little about the writer. In this way we will know what is the intention of the writer.

  3. Seeing this site for the first time, and I actually wasted my time by going through these shitty points. By the way, I enjoy the company of someone who smokes, and drinks.

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