A brief critique on MP Dolma Tsering

MP Dolma Tsering was born in 1956 at Dagne, Tibet. She did her schooling at CST Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Mussoorie. Following her bachelors and teacher training course, she worked as a teacher at CST, Kollegal and TCV, Dharamsala for 26 years.

She worked as the Cultural Secretary of the RTYC, Kollegal. She was elected as the President of 9th and 10th U-Tsang Central Executive Committee, Dharamsala.

She was also a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship, USA where she studied Special Education.

She is also a teacher turned politician, who got elected to the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th TPiE and currently serving in the Standing Committee.

She does stand up for the rights and responsibilities of her constituency. In 2011 election she urged Utsang people to vote for Utsangs who take pride and joy in their roots and care for their provincial interests but it was blown out of proportion by Khampa Bangchen media who had a different aim to play it for their gain.

She also grills the Kashag whenever necessary for transparency and accountability. For example, in 2015 she grilled Lobsang Sangay in the Parliament for using official tours as an election campaign platform. Unfortunately, no other Utsang MP had the spine to stand up behind her. She is indeed worth more than a thousand Utsang men.

Her major fault is her lack of regular communication with the Utsang grassroots. To reach out beyond the formal setting, she needs to connect with her constituent people more freely and openly.

Her loyalty to her root is obvious from the responsibilities she had taken to bring it out from the debt situation during her tenure as the President of Utsang Cholka.

3 thoughts on “A brief critique on MP Dolma Tsering”

  1. Kudos to her. A true Utsang woman who always had the interests of Utsang at heart, and worked tirelessly to promote the region’s interests. I laud her wit to crush lobsang sangay’s international Tibet awareness by saying it was all defeat Penpa Tsering in the impending elections.
    She’s bit like PT. Always true to roots – no matter how high one makes in life.
    Without her, Khampas like tenpa yarphel will bully crybaby utsangs such as baby face Tenzin jamyang – mother’s boy.

  2. She’s a woman of substance. Always support Utsang causes. If elected to sikyong, she will proudly make all her ministers from Utsang, and Khampa will have no place. We need brave woman like you.
    Free Utsang!

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