A brief critique on MP Lobsang Dakpa

MP Lobsang Dakpa was born in 1982 and went to Chinese Government School at Lithang. After coming to exile,

he did his schooling from TCV Suja and TCV Gopalpur. He pursued law at National Law School of India University, Bangalore and JSS Law College, Mysore (LL.B). He did his LL.M in Corporate Law at Christ Law School Bangalore in 2014.

He is the President of Tibetan Legal Association (TLA).

He is a first timer in 16th TPiE elected from Dhotoe Cholkha. During the campaign, the cry of the society was that more youth with modern education and liberal attitude should be elected to shun the negative regionalism.

Did he and other youth elected present their liberal attitude in electing one Speaker for the Parliament term? How fast were they tainted with negative regionalism?

His receiving the Tibetan Exile lawyer Certification has come handy for him to represent his Phayul Chikpa LS led Kashag to fight the case that PT has filed in the SJC of CTA.

He is said to be one among the number of people who are helping LS to prepare the draft answers and Jadur Sangpo, the former JC of CTA is said to be the advisor for them. From all the departments the SJC directive books had been lent to learn the nuances of advocacy clauses.

As a parliamentarian, he is in align with the Khampa hard liners who are known for their negative regionalism and open hatred to anyone and anything Utsang.

His pride in his root is clear with his participation in the meetings of the Delhi Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk with whom HH had issues with after it signed an illegal treaty with the Taiwan phok committee in Bangalore in 1994.

One thought on “A brief critique on MP Lobsang Dakpa”

  1. I heard he is a possible Chinese spy. When he was in Gopalpur TCV, peers were flabbergasted at the amount of money he seem to have, despite being a refugee. During Gopalpur staff Day, he sponsored non-vegetarian dinner for the whole school on one occassion. On another, he purchased a dozen or so brand new computers for the school’s IT lab.

    So where is his money coming from? He was in class 10 or 12 then, and he was the richest folk walking around in the campus. Perhaps Ngari Rinpoche is right to warn that we have to be wary of blokes who have no high-paying job, but somehow manages to dress well, travel everywhere, and live in good accommodations. Lobsang Drakpa is one such dodgy guy. you know, many Khampas were glad China invaded Tibet because they were freed from the obnoxious Utsang-oriented Gaden Phodrang.

    If Tibeta autonomous region, top 3 Tibetan officials are all Khampa, and that too From Chamdo or Qamdo area. One of them even said ‘ Karmapa lama is my phayul chikpa’ in 2000s, and praised the monk.
    Leaked rumours from Tibet suggests that Xi Jinping plans to demote Dalai Lama to the 6th rank in Tibetan Buddhism. New Gyalwa Rinpoche will be the Panchen Lama, followed by Karmapa, Gaden Tripa( CCP’s promotion of ‘learning’ or previlege), Sakya Trizin, and Bon’s leader Menri.

    This insult to the Dalai Lama is supported by Khampas working as hardliner chinese officials in TAR. People like lobsang drakpa are tools to strip away Dalai Lama’s god-like status by nibbing him with subtle and sarcastic criticisms.

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