A brief critique of Choephel Thubten-CRSTS

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Choephel Thupten, the Chief Representative of Southern Tibetan Settlements, Bangalore was a former CTA staff who worked at the private office of His Holiness, where he took charge of donations from devotees from different parts of the world. During that time he was said to have given the receipt to the donor but the amount was not submitted to the account of the private office. Whatever the amount may be, the inquiry was made and he was found guilty of stealing the donation. He was transferred to Ladakh from where he resigned from his post

During Sangay’s first election, he was among the campaign managers in south India who worked hard to promote him despite his lack of experience in administration. Hence, after getting elected Sangay along with Nangsi Kalon Gyari Dolma sidelining his past guilt, appointed him as the internal staff of Nangsi at the chief representative’s office. He later got transferred to Gangkyi, although he accepted the transfer but later did not report to his job, hence he voluntarily got dismissed from the job.  He is Markham from Bylakuppe and his skill of local Kanada and connections is said to be good.

During Sangay’s second term, he along with the other campaign managers got posted as the welfare officers at Bylakuppe, Mundgod and Hunsur Tibetan Settlements. His hard work during the election earned him the goodwill of Sangay to give him the post of Chief Representative at Bangalore on a contractual base. When his contract duration was nearing the end, MP Pema Delek is seen in the parliament appreciating his good friend and thanking the monasteries for supporting Thupten. It is a clear sign of hand in glove in our Tibetan Community between Sangay, Kasur Gyari Dolma, MP Pema Delek and the campaign managers in playing petty politics and regionalism.

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