A brief critique on MP Juchen Kunchok Chodon

MP Juchen Kunchok Chodon was born in 1972 and she went to CST Mussorie for her schooling.

With her high school certificate, she is perhaps the least educated in the Parliament.

She was elected to the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th TPiE from Dhotoe Cholkha and her mentor for her political career is her father Kalon Trisur Juchen Thupten whose name showed up in 1989 on a list of Khampas who were on Taiwan Phok payroll.

As a Parliamentarian she is at the forefront to serve the interest of her Cholkha and during a debate in the house whether MP Sonam Topgyal, elected from India is eligible to get a travel fare from Australia she instead of citing rational rules and regulations stooped low questioning the purity of the then Amdo MP Doma Tsomo’s birth, who had raised this issue.

Was she carried away by the crocodile tears of the then Health Kalon Tsering Wangchuk to support him or did she want to belittle the word of His Holiness on his incompetence on the deteriorating health situation in exile with a special mention of the monks and their Petri Gyenlas?

The nature of her participation in the house is more like a street fight than a decent debate. She is a cheap role model to the viewers at large. Her caliber as a member is more so as the daughter of Juchen Thupten who had the power to admit 12 students in a year at TCV Chauntra as a Chairman of Board of Director of TCV. Does she have the same privilege now?

Loyalty to her Cholkha is obvious both in the house and also in her attendance on all the meetings of Delhi Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk that HH had issues with because it signed an illegal treaty with Taiwan phok committee in Bangalore in 1994.

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  1. The writer is obviously an Utsang snowflake who needs to get his facts right!
    Sweetie when u’re running a blog, I suggest you write not for the sake of crying out your butthurt feelings but to get a deeper understanding of things, see situations from the vantage point that encompasses all sides to the story and rely just not on the toxic word of mouth, but on facts and truth. You can do better than this.
    Tibet star dont give him his internship stipend yet!

  2. She likes fellow khampa countryman Kunchok Yarphel because his ‘ fingers’ are very big, hard, long and hairy.
    she laughs at K yarphel’s lame jokes in the parliament, unleasing that milf power of seduction

  3. The writer is obviously an Utsang snowflake who needs to get his/her facts right.
    Sweetie when you’re running a blog, you’ve got to write with class, some professionalism, and not sound so butthurt trying to demean someone else. It’s so evident that writing isn’t your forté. You should view things from a vantage point, encompassing every side of the story. There’s so much to disagree on but before that I’d suggest you to start from good research, facts and truth, and spare the public from your ‘dear diary, I am a snowflake and i shall pour out my ill feelings today’. You can do better than this.
    Tibet Star don’t give this writer the internship stipend yet!

  4. ” Was she carried away by the crocodile tears of the then Health Kalon Tsering Wangchuk to support him or did she want to belittle the word of His Holiness on his incompetence on the deteriorating health situation in exile with a special mention of the monks and their Petri Gyenlas?”

    answer – yes. she’s undermining dalai lama’s words, or power to influence politics and society. By refusing to go along with Dalai Lama’s verdict, she has shown that she doesn’t believe in the priest’s authority, and wants to start a trend of contradicting dalai lama in subtle ways to reduce his power.

    1. I think Juchen Kunchok is a pretty volumtious milf. I would love to share a bed with her, drink wine, and tie her up, and spank her untamed ass. Khampa women have enormous appetite for sexual stimulation. They would readily sleep with cocky, virile men lounging about the town to get that sexual kick.
      Tibetan women are extremely prosmiscous. This is testified by Tibet scholars such as Tom Grunfield. But I like it that way. Nothing is better than hot Tibetan milf on your bedside who is fiesty in public, but a sexual slave in bed.

      1. @tenzin When I asked your mother how she likes it she said the same thing and even more- to tie her in bed, spank her booty, choke her while throating and fuck her all night. Don’t worry I had safe sex with your mother so that more snakes like you can be avoided.

    2. I read the blog and your comment, from what I know and have seen she’s a very strong and courageous woman. She has always stood up for what’s right and is not afraid to voice her opinions. I believe it’s not about how many degrees you hold but the sense of truth and wisdom that’s within you. People try their best to bring down a woman like her and bring a bad name to the Late Kasur Juchen Thupten Namgyal. He was a great leader, so much so that even His Holiness The Dalai Lama asked him write his autobiography, which he did for straight 16 years till his last breath and produced 21 volumes of it. That is the extent of piety towards His Holiness. I had the privilege of meeting him twice and that was absolutely some memorable experience.
      Now coming back to the point, in no way I believe is Ms Kunchok la going against His Holiness. If we look at the time when His Holiness passed a verdict to step away from his political seat, the members instead of respecting his decision which would’ve obviously been a much thought out one, insisted on pursuading him to change his decision to which Ms Kunchok la and few other members opposed saying they need to respect his decision and that His Holiness must’ve passed this verdict for a bigger cause, to which people twisted her words and doubted her intentions saying she’s against His Holiness and that’s from where the accusations started. I believe our tibetan community is slowly being engulfed by hate, jealousy and animosity. From this blog writer to the commenters, from Wechat to Facebook, it’s evident. Tibetan people owe His Holiness their everything, he deserves better.

  5. I am pretty jealous of Kunchok Yarphel. I suspect he screws Juchen Kunchen occassionally when she needs his service. He is a lame guy. and his speech in the parliament about the test of loyalty to Dalai lama by jumping from the roof of Yongling Dawa Tsering’s newly built Kunphel Centre is bizarre. What does that mean?

    But it didn’t matter to the Juchen milf. All that mattered was the girth of manhood and a certain male testerone-fueled aggression which Khampas possess in abundance.
    I envy you, Khampa Kunchok Yarphel

    1. @tenzin Ur tiny brain is filled with so many dirty thoughts that u missed the point! Kunchok Yarphel’s comment on testing one’s loyalty and piety towards His Holiness by jumping off the building was a figure of speech, you moron! Ever heard of rhetoric or sarcasm?

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