A brief critique on MP Konchok Yangphel

MP Konchok Yangphel was born in Markham, Tibet and fled to India in 1993. He went to TCV Suja and TCV Upper for his schooling. He did his BA Political Science from Ramjas College, DU in 2005 and MA Political Science from DU in 2007.

He worked at the regional TYC, Delhi and central executive member of the Tibetan Youth Congress for two consecutive terms. He is the former General Secretary of International Maitreya Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization in Delhi and owner of the foundation is his relative Lama.

He is a first timer in 16th TPiE elected from Dhotoe Cholkha and a youth with modern education and was hoped to have liberal attitude pertaining to Cholkha regionalism but lo, the youth elected like him couldn’t make a difference in electing one Speaker for the Parliament term.

As a parliamentarian, he is in aligned with the Khampa chikpa hardliners who are known for negative regionalism. His usage of Tibetan Language needs to be polished.

His pride in his root is clear with his participation in the meetings of the Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk .