A brief critique on MP Serta Tsultrim

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.49.43 AM Mr. Serta Tsultrim was born in Amdo Golok Serta. After coming into exile in 1998, he studied in Transit School and presented himself as an Amdo.

However, after he met Juchen Thubten he became a Khampa! If the reader asks me to point out one Amdo who is not proud of his roots he is the perfect example.

He worked at the Department of Religion and Culture, CTA and also worked as an editor and researcher at the Cultural and Literary Research Centre of Norbulingka.

According to the information given to the Reception Center in Nepal which was filled in 1998, he was 21 years old that means he was born in 1977 but according to the PEN membership form, his birth year is 1975. His birth year in his Green Book is to be seen.

Accordingly, at Reception Center he is from Amdo Serta but when he stood for Chithue he is Kham Serta, which gives us a clear picture that when it comes to grabbing benefits for personal gain, he can even change his Cholkha overnight for getting elected as a Dhotoe Chithue by building rift between Khampa Serta and Amdo Serta.

He is a writer and has published several articles, poetries, research works, and books. He also worked as a coordinator at the Association of Tibetan Journalists (ATJ).

He is the owner, founder and Executive Director of Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre, and Bod-Kyi-Bangchen (The Tibet Expressand the wishes of Dhotoe people are a top priority in his paper. He bought a house worth 50 lakhs in Mcleodganj and now he is said to have built a 1 crore mansion at Chauntra, Bir to be closer to his newly found phayul chikpa. Where is the fund coming from? Don’t tell me it’s coming from sales of newspapers in a tiny circulation.

In the book written by former MP Serta Tsultrim Woeser, it was mentioned that he has a connection with Dhoegyal Tsopa and to make this claim stronger one of his Lama sponsors in Switzerland is a Don of Dhoegyal Tsokpa and is seen with the officials of PRC that Serta rebukes in the house. Is this in align with the speech and guidance of His Holiness? Does this match with the concerns he shows in the house about the wishes of the Tibetans inside Tibet? The photo of his sponsor lama from Swiss with PRC leader is on the facebook of Tsadonling.

His loyalty to Dhotoe Chushi Gangdruk is clear from the fact how he switched from Amdo Serta to Kham Serta and also his presence at the meetings of his chosen Cholkha.

2 thoughts on “A brief critique on MP Serta Tsultrim”

  1. I think that we should think widely. It does not matter to changed CHOKA. Even he is Tibetan.not others.for me I am from golog .we must think that Tibetan is one. We needed to be united for struggle our issue. this is ours mean proposal. I do not mean that you a bad. you have such a good consent about our people to keep their own choka. but we have to think widely about everything.I wrote this comment on your facebook.which does not mean that I against you. thank you .jai Tibet

    1. He is from Amdo. But he is ashamed of being an Amdo because they are seen as too adaptible – and always going after money and connections – and he doesn’t want that.

      He feels Khampa at heart. And he wants to live within the sphere of his leader tulku ogyen topgyal’s palace in Bir.
      I am sure he like shugden. khampas are shugden.

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