A brief critique on MP Dhondup Tashi

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MP Dhondup Tashi was born on 3 June 1971 at Leh, Ladakh. He attended TCV School Ladakh and Dharamshala. He completed an MA in Economics, Bachelor of Education and PGD in Journalism.

He worked as a teacher in TCV Ladakh for 14 years and an Economics lecturer at Lamdon Model Senior Secondary school, Ladakh for two years. He was twice elected as Chief Representative Officer of Sonamling Tibetan Settlement, Ladakh in 2010 and 2013. He took charge of Regional Election Commissioner for six years and Local Justice Commissioner for more than two years.

During his tenure as Chief Representative Officer of Ladakh,  he had supported LS candidature in the election by banking his hope on promises made by LS that he, if elected again, would send Tibetans in Ladakh to Canada. LS won the second term in the office. However, his promises remained empty. No Tibetans in Ladakh made it to Canada with his help.

Did LS keep his promise? Empty promises are for the people who are naive and do not have critical thinking skill. Are you ready to be fooled again?

He is also a teacher turned politician who got elected in the 16th TPiE. Despite having served as a welfare officer, regional election commissioner and Local Justice Commissioner, his contribution in the house is very minimal, be it on the current situation of Tibet or issues pertaining to the sustainability of Tibetan Community in exile.

He needs to drive courage into his heart to take a stand on tough issues, standing up to the bully of Khampa faction in the house. This coming session will test if he is a man.