Pawo Dawa Tsering and his Yongling school


After school graduation, he served as the peon cum sweeper of TYC centrex, Dhasa. From 1979-1986 he served as Rupon of Regional TYC, Dhasa during which time he pioneered the construction of a cemetery near Mcleodganj as per the need of the community.

In 1983, since the road along the KORLAM around LHAGYAL RE was poor, many elderly people were injured due to fall. Hence he took charge of making the road-the Korlam.

In 1985 with financial help from the Private office, the road between Tsuglakhag and Jogiwara was improved.

In 1982 with the initiative from RTYC and the parents around Mcleadganj, he worked towards building a school called གཅེས་འཛིན་ཕ་མའི་སློབ་གྲྭ།This project was later handed over to TCV as they agreed to build a Day School for the Mcleod Tibetans.

YONGLING SCHOOL, his greatest contribution to Mcleod Tibetan community.

In 1984 Yongling Creche School was started as per the advice from the Jetsun Pema la at TIPA road at a wooden house of Choepa Lhakpa. It was moved to the present location in 1985 but due to lack of fund between 1985-1987, the classrooms were without a roof. (That time nobody came to ask if the school belonged to private or public). The inception of the school to the present level of improvement is purely due to his struggle and hard work. Over 10,000 students benefited from this school in the past over three decades.

Since most of the people around Mcleodganj go for the sweater business, they had no place to keep their school going kids in their absence, hence the need was felt. There was no hostel facility till then.

Since 1989 new arrivals from Tibet started pouring in Dhasa, hence the need for a hostel to keep the infants of new arrivals who go to work and sweater selling goers’s students for 3 months was felt. During the admission, the kids were from across the regions and cholkhas.

The land on which Yonling school exist was bought in the name of an Indian local and Dawa Tsering has the Power of Attorney to work on it.

Dawa Tsering was elected as the welfare officer of Dhasa in 1992, whereas Yongling school was started before he became welfare officer of Dhasa. Hence the allegation that he did not hand over Yongling to his successor is a completely wrong notion. He took over the work of welfare officer from Tsewang Tashi and later handed it over to Sonam Choephel.

There is no truth in the allegation that he has not respected the office of Justice Commission of CTA. Abiding by the rule of law he agreed to hand over all the properties of the school to the CTA barring the LAND AND HOUSE, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Indian law.བཅའ་ཁྲིམས་དོན་ཚན་ ༦༦དང་། ཁྲིམས་ཡིག་བཅས་ཀྱི་ནང་གས་” ནག་ཉེས་དང་མཁར་དབང་གི་ཁ་མཆུ་བོད་གཞུང་ཁྲིམས་ཞིབ་ཁང་ནས་ལེན་ཆོག་གི་མེད།”When Dawa Tsering asked SJC of CTA if they were taking the case of land and house, he was told that they are taking the case on the basis of how the donation was given and taken, which is in the recorded cassette of SJC.

If you listen to the then (14th Kashag) DOE Kalon Thupten Lungrig’s talk on this issue in the house, you will get the clear picture of the case.

The allegation that Dawa Tsering has dragged Tibetan Govt. in exile to the court is also incorrect.

Since his opponent Passang Tsewang has nullified his life-long service to the society and defamed him in the community. DT had filed a defamation case against Passang Tsewang.

If Dawa Tsering has in any form shown disrespect to the SJC of CTA, the commissioners should have by now taken away his election rights. But that is not the case. As he still enjoys the right, it clearly shows that he did abide by the rule.

As most of the social activists apply for a grant from the government, Dawa Tsering too applied for the financial help from Sherig and the name of the donor YOKO GOTO is from Japan who after looking into the condition of Yongling accepted to give the donation to finish the construction of Yongling through Sherig.

By giving a donation to the projects, if the property goes to the Tibetan Govt. in exile then there should be a much longer list to deliberate in the Parliament House.

Why only Dawa Tsering’s case is in the forefront is a BIG Question to be answered by the KHAMPA faction (blinded by racial jealousy and provincial hatred to any successful Utsang who doesn’t kiss their ass) who is after him for 15 long years and they lost every legal battle. Well, we have BIGGER FISHES to catch before Dawa Tsering!

Both the Norbu Linka Institute and Chonor house are public property but they are illegally owned and run by Khampa Kelsang Yeshi for three decades. Does this ring a bell?


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  1. Making a comparison of similarity and alleging Norbulingka as an illegally owned private property of Kalsang Yeshi lak paradoxically accepts Dawa Tsering lak’s Yongling School in the same line. Your article on Dawa Tsering gives light in support to his social activities and in particular with the Yongling School. However, the conclusion remark is not going to add anything good to Dawa Tsering lak. I think that both the gentleman deserves great round applause of their contribution to our society, instead of pulling their legs down.

  2. A very shameful justification from dawa Tsering” a thought and a justification like this could engulf entire community into a communal disharmony….
    Not all khampas are Saint…likewise not all utsangs are god.

    Dalai Lama is going to be sad’ again..

  3. of course, yongling school doesn’t belong to dawa tsering, no matter how one twist the words. but they say dalai lama and everyone under him is afraid of dawa tsering. dalai lama needs dawa tsering to run things smoothly in relation to the wrath of local indians. dawa tsering has bribed them with wine, women, and money.

    khampas believes that dalai lama fosters mafias like utsang dawa tsering for his personal protection. as one khampas says in a wechat group, ‘ when people like dalai lama bare their chest, then their stooges like Dawa tSering and penpa tsering go fully NAKED.’

    This means Dawa tSering is protected by dalai lama. dalai and dawa are in a symbiotic relationship. they need each other.

    regarding the cemetary in mcleod, they are some drug addicts sleeping there. and dawa looks after them too. however, through these vagabonds, dawa learns about who is recently dead in the town. and it the deceased happens to be an old man with no family, Dawa tsering will lock the house, and say it belongs to him. that way, dawa tsering owns at least 10 or 15 hours around mcleod ganj.

    bastard! No khampa can match dawa tsering’s appetite and ambition

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