Defining Utsang leytong and awakening my Utsang tribe

One thought on “Defining Utsang leytong and awakening my Utsang tribe”

  1. With this topic, I would like to share an experience about U-tsang people here. When I was a member of a regional election commission, I was supervising an election for candidate to Sikyong post and at the time, an U-tsang man told me the difference of U-tsang and Dho-toe illiterate people. He noticed that U-tsang people had come only to cast vote and Dho-toe had come to cast vote for particular people. While he was helping those people in writing the name of candidate, U-tsang people ask him to write a name of any candidate that writer thinks right and Dho-toe people ask him to write the name that he has with him and make sure that the writer has written correctly or not. This character has made him very bad about U-tsang. This has surprised me too.

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