A brief critique on MP Dawa Phunkyi

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Mr. Dawa Phunkyi was born in 1963 in Dharamshala. After completing his schooling at TCV School, Dharamshala, he pursued a diploma in Health Management and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Administration from Christian Medical College, Vellore, and St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore respectively.

He served as the Secretary of Tibetan Delek Hospital and also worked as the Project Officer at the Dept. of Health, CTA. He also served at various NGOs for several years, including as the President of the RTYC, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, the Senior Vice-President of Indo-Tibetan Friendship Society, Director of Community Service Rotary Club, Dharamshala, and Vice President of the Utsang Cholkha Association.

At present, he is the Chief Administrator of Tibetan Delek Hospital since 2006. Mr. Phunkyi was earlier elected to the 13th, 14th and 15th TPiE.

Dawa Phunkyi was orphaned when he and his younger sister were too young to understand the great loss in Hunsur. They were brought up and educated by TCV family.

He cannot see the suffering of the poor and orphans and helps people who come to him with a genuine case. But when people come with might as their right he will be the last person to entertain them.

Due to his selfless and forthright spirit in the Parliament, Tibetans from across the world love and like him and they don’t hesitate to share with him the news of recent development in CTA and around Tibetan community before things come into the view officially, which is very interesting. He studies those cases well before he raises them in Parliament and checks the authenticity of the information he received. He never hesitates to raise issues that concern even his Phayul chikpa or friend and therefore, his bluntness in the house is the scare of many including the ministers.

One of the most admirable thing about him as a Parliamentarian is believed to be his sense of debating the hardcore issues with his co-members who have a difference of opinion and viewpoints after the house session at lobby hall during tea time. He is a man of principle who believes that respect should be earned, not demanded.

He among many have believed that the worthy should be given a chance to serve the highest post and likewise, we saw MP Pema Jungney getting elected for the Speaker’s post. MP Pema Jungney should know that he was elected because he was worthy from Utsang, the root and not from the branch, Ngari.

If you wish to have Parliament members who can talk sense with selfless attitude in the house, he is the perfect representative of the voice of the people.

One thought on “A brief critique on MP Dawa Phunkyi”

  1. Kudos to Dawa Phunkyi. He is a rare Utsang man with a vertibrae who can hold the bull by the horn, and crush it. I mean the bull tenpa yarphel.

    Sanjors or new arrivals like Tenpa Yarphel are arrogant fools. they all love dollars and hate CTA. those khampa sarjors don’t feel part of the exile diaspora, so they go abroad.

    if you don’t believe how evil, selfish those khampa sanjors are, please give a listen to this advice by HH Dalai Lama.

    I learnt that Sanjors = Shugden worshippers = khampa

    if you feel loyal to hh dalai lama, please follow his advice and ostracise Sarjors/khamaps/shugden.

    please watch this clip brothers and sisters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx-Wtfkgt5c&t=2s

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