A brief critique on​ MP Tenzin Jamyang

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The sly fox

He is a young teacher turned Politician. He had grabbed the opportunity of promoting LS at the far North East during the 2016 election after PT had been there as a two-pronged purpose:-

  1. to promote himself as a Utsang candidature for the Parliament and
  2. also to nullify everything that PT had been talking about LS.

He is a recipient of TSP scholarship but when he left for the US he was still keeping his mom at the staff quarter at Upper TCV which is against the rule of TCV and he would not vacate the room even after he came back. Is this practicing what he preaches?

Later he wanted a job at an environmental section of garbage management under Dhasa welfare office. The welfare officer didn’t give him the job, hence he requested TCV to give him a job. This issue came up in the Parliament also. So to vacate him and his mom from that staff quarter he was given a job at Dehradun TCV branch. 

He copies LS in donning chupa like a aku Drukpa with colorful folding sleeves. He likes to talk big without any relevance to the topic. A show-off in the Parliament.

With co-parliamentarians laughing at his artificial delivery of speech he has taken a back seat to talk in Parliament. Before he gave his first ever speech in the parliament he prayed for about a minute. I wondered if he was some lama or tulku in layman’s clothing. 

Well, he is a happy willing Utsang slave of Khampas and their political interests. His only excuse is LS and he are related by marriage. He is the younger brother of former health kalon Tsering Wangchuk who got screwed by HH at the end of the term for underperformance and nepotism.

Pride is a passport to passion, courage, loyalty, action, confidence, independence, dignity and an inspiration to others. Someone who has zero pride in his Utsang roots he deserves to be booted out in the next election.

3 thoughts on “A brief critique on​ MP Tenzin Jamyang”

  1. this mp( sitting next to Tenpa Yarphel) ,and the other Khampa MP who sits next to ever talkative Sharchok Khutta are figures of pathetic ignonamity. these two boys are always seen on the tv, like dutiful butlers to loud and proud MPs, without an opinion of their own.

    i think they should be ashamed of themselves. this jamyang is a typical Utsang chained and indoctrinated by Khampas to lick their asses. He is from upper tcv yes. He mostly hangs out with khampa men and women, and likes to associate more with them

    1. Tenzin Tsering la, you seem to be disgusted with Khampas very much and wanting to say all bad things against Khampas but all Khampas are not bad. By generalizing a group with misdeed of few is not good. Your way of criticism can leave a bad impression on non Tibetan readers and with your reaction, they can also brand all Tibetan a trouble shooter and leave very bad image in their thought. Of course, they can also say Tibetan and not Tenzin Tsering. Therefore, think twice before you write anything against your Mirig or people of same race. Be try to be a good human

  2. My revulsion with khampas started when I discovered that 99% of Shugden worshippers are from eastern Tibet, or Kham. Every single protesters against hhdl are KHAMPAS.
    shugden worship is a practice spread by a prominant lama from kham called Pabongka Rinpoche. Worship of Dorjee Shugden has became a strong religio-cultural practice in large parts of kham in the 20th century.

    In exile also, not a single Khampa lama speak against dorjee shugden. In fact, these days, in kham areas such as Dakyab, Derge, Chamdo, Nangchen, and so forth, dorjee shugden worship is spreading like wildfire.

    so, it is right to hate and discrimnate against khamaps. because khampa = shugden.

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