A brief critique on MP Thupten Lungrig

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MP Thupten Lungrig did his schooling from CST Dalhousie. He obtained his Masters or ‘Acharya’ Degree from the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies (CIHTS), Varanasi, India in 1981.

As a teacher turned Politician he is one of the most senior and experienced Parliamentarians since his nomination by His Holiness in the 12th TPiE. He was the deputy speaker to Speaker Samdong Rimpoche in the 12th TPiE and speaker to the 13th TPiE before getting elected to the 12th Kashag. He served as Kalon of the Department of Religion and Culture and later Department of Education cum Department of Health. In the 13th Kashag, he again took the portfolio of the Department of Education.

With his vast administrative experience, he had raised a number of issues pertaining to our community and our cause but to the dismay of the onlookers, he is one of the prime targets of Sikyong Sangay. Why? Without answering his questions, Sangay attacks him for what his adult son has done.

Sikyong’s accusation is that his son has stayed illegally in the US and has sought political asylum on a false story. This is as low as Sikyong can get. Does this allegation suit the stature of the Political leadership of CTA?

If his son’s story is false then I bet 90% of the Tibetans living in the west applied for political asylum with false stories because of the similarity of political situations and life stories. That includes Lobsang Sangay’s fifty or so relatives settled in the west. Does this ring a bell?

His relatives’ story is that they were born in Tibet and they raised slogans for freedom, carried HH photos, stuck independence posters on the wall, distributed pamphlets, raised Tibetan flags, protested the Chinese occupation on March 10th and with subsequent arrest, detention, imprisonment, beatings, and torture etc.

The fact is most of his relatives got no opportunity to even defecate once on the roof of the world because they were not born in Tibet! Most of them were born in India and Nepal with residential permits or even Nepalese or Indian passports! His relatives from Tibet in Belgium if they had dared to do what they have written in their asylum stories, will the PRC let them go to the outside world that easy? 

Remember Samdong Rimpoche’s Kashag refused to help anyone including sanjors if his or her case is not genuine. However, Sangay’s Kashag is different: helps sanjors with paperwork even when the case is not genuine to settle them in the settlements. If Sangay demands truthfulness, his Kashag should be a model of truthfulness, as saying goes practice what you preach. Otherwise, he should not have any problem with Lungrig’s son who is also a Tibetan. By segregating among Tibetans, is Sangay trying to build up his vote bank for the future?

This is not in keeping with a man of principle that he is demanding from MP Lungrig. Otherwise, he should have no problem with his adult son. I have no problems with anyone helping anyone in need. Of course, he is helping to create a vote bank.

The greatest thing about this Amdo MP Lungrig is regardless of whether other MPs have the spine to stand up behind him he keeps fighting for truth and justice.