A brief critique on MP Tenpa Yarphel


After an escape from Tibet into India, he joined Sera Je monastery in 2004 for Buddhist philosophical studies. In 2008, he joined Sarah Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies and graduated with a Bachelor degree. He was as an editor at the Department of Religion and Culture, CTA and edited three volumes of books on the history of over 300 monasteries including the four schools of Buddhism and Bon religion of Tibet.

He was earlier elected to the 15th TPiE and currently he is one of the Standing Committee members of the 16th TPiE.

He is a distant relative of late Juchen Thupten, the Khampa tribal boss who masterminded the disunity of Utsang into Ngari and Kongpo in the 70s through the 90s. Also, they are from the same Kham Dhegay region.

A highlight of his job as a Parliamentarian is that he would raise issues without proper research. His investigation skill is weak and pathetic. Tibetans from all walks of life around the world completely rubbished his baseless allegation on Gaden Phodrang and the Nechung Chenmo, the official deity of CTA in the house. Moreover, the recent tour by Parliament member delegation to Canada, in which he was a member was demanded to cancel the tour as the people were not willing to receive him in goodwill.

During the tour, he was met with protests from Tibetans both in Canada and the US. The biggest joke of the event is that he was given bodyguards/thugs to shield him from the voters who were only demanding his accountability peacefully. His street thugs are on tape intimidating the people who had all the democratic right to question his irresponsibility in the house.

After he got elected in the 15th parliament, he bought a brand new white Nissan, and during this 16th parliament, he bought another brand new Suzuki Vitara, a much bigger car. Most of the monk MPs have bought second-hand cars, but his car is always new?   Now the question is, ” Where does the fund come from?” Remember his only source of income is his salary which is Rs 33,000/- per month and he is not known for being wealthy at all.  So how is it possible for a monk of little means to afford two cars worth over Rs 30 lakhs? Clear-Cut fund transparency is awaited.

Rs 3300/- evaporated from my wallet to enjoy just one weekend in McLeod Ganj in 1996.  Now 22 years later would Rs 33,000/- be enough for to enjoy a weekend because McLeod Ganj is an expensive tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh?

Does his baseless allegations in the parliament on His Holiness, Nechung oracle, Gaden Phodrang and CTA get him rewarded by CCP or Shugden faction?

After withdrawing his attack on Gaden Phodrang for witnessing the awarding of Songtsen Gampo award to Utsang chithue Dawa Tsering for his selfless service to his people and government for five decades, he had immediately written/published a disparaging article on Nechung on social media. Does this ring a bell? He, however, did not withdraw his words of insults on HH and Nechung Oracle in the parliament last March though,

When pressured by Karmapa recently, he appeared small and teary. So to do the last minute damage control he appealed in his letter to all sides to calm down, but not before this monk dared to put the blame squarely on those protesting his inflammatory provincial politics that is the very cause of division and hatred in our society. The damage is already done and his attempt to save his face has failed.

Division along the provincial line is the greatest gift he is striving to present to his uncle China for long. However, are we as a people going to allow him to achieve his cancerous objective and silently witness our death and destruction?

Well, he is a bitchy melodramatic creature of Hindi TV serials and thrives on attention, but worst is his hateful, negative Khampa regionalism that is not only provoking regionalism in the highly inclusive and peaceful people of Utsang but also triggering the wildfire of Utsang political nationalism across the exile world.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 8.48.55 PM

If large scale violence erupts anytime anywhere in our community, nobody is responsible but him.  If CTA disintegrates into three administrations, nobody is responsible but Tendra Yarphel who does not deserve “la” at all. If His Holiness dies soon, nobody is responsible but him and Khampas who indulge in regional politics of hate and lies that are inherently anti-Utsang and anti-Amdo.

As a responsible MP he should raise the issue of drinking and rampant homosexuality (or thigh fuck to be precise ) and pedophilia in Tibetan monasteries.

A word of wisdom from Karmapa to Kargyu or Dhotoe constituency can put an end to the career of this demon in monk’s robes. However, will Karmapa do it? Will the Khampas listen to Karmapa? Moreover, that is the billion-dollar question on which rests the future of Tibetan unity and the fate of our independence struggle.


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10 thoughts on “A brief critique on MP Tenpa Yarphel”

  1. Where does tenpa yarphel’s money come from ?
    Of course , often ogyen topgyal rinpoche. The lama funds the monk to live in style and travel internationally. Also bought him the car. So the more trouble tenpa creates, more rewards he gets.

    Karmapa has strained relationship ogyen topgyal because the letter claimed prediction letter was fake, despite dalai lama support.

    Ogyen topgyal rinpoxhe also bought a car for lukar jam. This khampa rinpoxhe sponsors people who have a hate of utsangs.

  2. Very good information but we all are Tibetans, we are United under the leadership of HH the Dalai Lama and if you bring up any references between Utsang, Dotoe or Domed, we will consider it as nonsense and trying to divide the Tibetan community. I know this Chithue is not right but that score can be settled in the ballot box.

  3. Though the writer of this article is trying his/her best to show a patriotic person, deep in the article, he has great hatred toward Khampas and particularly Juchen Thupten. If a Khampa does any mistake, it is an individual and should not generalize it to all Khampas. It will rather become worst divider than jochen Thupten whom you consider the divider of Tibetan unity. Be careful when you generalize something to a community.

  4. Facts should have some proofs.. Do you have any proof for what u wrote.. ? I think you show here all your hatered towards our MP Tenpa Yarphel la.. U need to show the proof with your writings. Then only people will believe you.

  5. Whoever is editing and posting on this website (tibetstar), I am sorry to say has an education level of 11 years old school child. The English is nonsensical and shows very factual knowledge of Tibetan culture, history or contemporary Diaspora politics. The website and contributors are the sad reflections of poor educational achievements of Tibetan Diaspora. Sad, Sad!

    1. Your name itself suggest that you are a destroyer of dharma and unity.
      Ten-zin not Ten-zing

  6. like the straight forwardness of the article…keep it up, we need more critiques in our community so that those culprits and divisive thugs will think twice before they make their wrong moves…

  7. There are subtle clues that Khampa Ogyen Topgyal Rinpoche has already started a form of exile government for khampa people to rival CTA in Dharamsala. He gave a speech recently where he said building of Bir was worked by Khampas, and that plans to improve the settlement, and so on.

    He talked about Bir as if he is a Sikyong or political leader of khampa people of Bir. Maybe Mila Rangzen’s chilling scenario of Tibetan disintegration in exile is not too far in the horizon.

    Important people are maneovering to grab power in the event of dalai lama’s death. look around, and you will see it. quite sad actually.

    Anyways, KHAMPA = SHUGDEN. 95% of Khampas worship shugden. So naturally, there will be conflicts. look at this footage if you don’t believe me

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