A brief​ critique on Deputy Speaker Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok


Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok is also a teacher turned Politician. He worked as an academic administrator and Tibetan language teacher at TCV Suja from 1992-1996. His strength is he can communicate better in Hindi than English. 

Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok was born in 1962 at Leh, Ladakh. After graduating from CST Shimla, in 1988, he secured Acharya degree from CIHTS, Varanasi, where he served at various Student Committee posts from 1983-1987.

When he stood for MP or chithue at the initial stage, Samdong Rimpoche remarked that if he won, Rimpoche would spread a khata from Varanasi to Gangkyi. However, when he won the election, Rimpoche had not spread Khata from Varanasi to Gangkyi.

During the election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, he was seen dining with Juchen Kunchok at Surya for a political end. He has the typical Indian neta way of dealing with his staff and he once scolded an Indian staff of Bureau office with Hindi slang. His English proficiency is for everyone to watch and judge for yourself. I say this because it is an international language, not that I am mesmerized by this colonial language.

He is a Gyari Dolma type which means his connection works with BJP and RSS and he too offers costly souvenirs to make his position seen and heard at all levels. Talk with any staff in Gangkyi to find out how much respect he has earned as a Deputy Speaker, standing 4’ 9’’ tall, a Napoleonic complex cannot be ruled out completely.

He is said to be standing for Sikyong along with Gyari Dolma with a hope to win. However, if he doesn’t win, he would be helping her to divide the Utsang vote and to promote her candidature as Sikyong, and she in return would make him Education Minister in her cabinet.

Regional or provincial politics, triggered by Khampas, in our community is real for six decades and if he has some self-respect he should help Dhardon win. No Utsang won Sikyong post for four decades. However, he is another guy who has zero pride about being an Utsang and cares more about Ngari identity and that’s precisely what Khampa political hawks need. Divide and rule.

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As a responsible MP he should raise the issue of drinking and rampant homosexuality (or thigh fuck to be precise ) and pedophilia in Tibetan monasteries.

2 thoughts on “A brief​ critique on Deputy Speaker Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok”

  1. Please for god sake don’t divide U-Tsang, Khampa and Amdo. I am dam sure you are big anti Khampa and hates Khampas more then Chinese. It’s is universal truth that 3 province of Tibet is To-Ngari KorSum, Bur U-Tsang Ribshe and May Do Ou Gongduk. Actually Khampa is divined into two to lower their strength. Amdo and Khampa. Also Khampa lost Kongpo to U-Tsang. This is all divide and rule policy of Gyalo Thundup.

    1. Khampas and amdos are as different as a dog from a monkey. Toe Ngari korsum etc was not cholkas. Emperor Songtsen was simply stating the length and breath of his empire. Cholka is a mongol word which is somewhat equivalent to today’s STATES and it came in use 500 years after Songtsen’s rule. Kongpo has always been part of Utsang or in those days Utsang was called Tibet. Look at their dialect, size , features and culture. Entirely different from khampas. Khampas and kongpos are as different as dogs from cats. Abuhor from nyechenthangla to the West is also Utsang and they call themselves nomads of Utsang. So don’t try to fool people with lies.

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