A brief critique on MP Pema Jungney

I am going to briefly critique members of exile Tibetan parliament and the cabinet ministers and rightfully grade them on leadership skills or qualities on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 point being the lowest and 10 points being the highest.

The objective is three-pronged, 

  1. to keep the voters well informed, so they know who, why and when to elect the most deserving candidates
  2. to keep the elected leaders on the toe and make them transparent and accountable to the voters and the public
  3. to inform the future potential candidates as to what qualities we voters are looking for in our leaders.


Mr. Pema Jungney was born in 1959, Ruthog, Utsang, Tibet. He attended CST Shimla and later, secured Shastri, Acharya and B.Ed degrees from the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi. He has worked as a teacher at Sakya Centre, Rajpur for three years and at New Tibetan School at Bir, Himachal Pradesh for two years.

He is a teacher turned politician and was among the Charter Drafting Committee and is the most experienced member of the parliament, who chaired the Parliament during the 13th Parliament and is also the elect Speaker of 16th Parliament. Being a student from Varanasi,  his Tibetan language efficiency is commendable, but his extempore speech in English and Hindi may not be that proficient.

Being former Speaker of the house, he maintains his expert comment on issues relating to the running of the house and if there is a discrepancy on the meaning of the reading the rules and regulations. Other than that he would rarely take part in other discussions.

He has no pride as an Utsang. He identifies more with Ngari as if Utsang or Lhasa/Shigatse people did Ngari immense injustice. Of course, he got misguided in the early 1990s and came under the negative influence of the late Juchen Thubten, the Khampa tribe’s boss whose one sworn goal was to divide and dominate Utsang.

Jungney to this day has made no attempt to bridge the gap between Ngari and Lhasa regions. Utsang Centrex over the years built an effort time and again toward this end but to no avail. He is supposed to have revealed this in a drunken state. A dying person and a drunken man speak only truth. He revealed his disinterest in a drunken episode. However, he did stand up and fight against the illegal and unfair granting of a free air ticket to Australia to former Khampa parliamentarian Sonam Topgyal.

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