President Sangay launches attacks on Mila Rangzen

Like a true citizen of Tibet, I have been critical of powers that be including LS as the president of CTA on policy, conduct, nepotism, regionalism, transparency, and accountability and the price I am paying is his personal attacks on me using his stooges today. What triggered the attacks is this informative piece  I wasn’t surprised because I was expecting it from a touchy vindictive man like him.

However, it’s encouraging to be noticed and I will continue to speak up for our people and for our cause stronger than ever. Rights and responsibilities are not properties that belong only to the President, ministers and the parliamentarians. It also belongs to us –the people. Anyone who implies otherwise is either a fool or a threat to democracy and freedom around the world.

The details of the attacks will be released in the next article.

Till then stay strong and be determined to pay any price and when necessary make them pay a heavy price too for treading on a king cobra taking care of rats that are destroying our crops.

This too shall pass!

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3 thoughts on “President Sangay launches attacks on Mila Rangzen”

  1. Wa! The fight is on before the necked eyes of thus far innocent Tibetan people – the victims of past and present Tibetan administrations- whom the opportunistic half-backed youngish and overly selfish Sikyong has virtually turned them into subservient akin the olden yolk days.

    While the majority of thinking and knowing Tibetans keep mom for fear of communal discord and unsavory to the Dalai Lama’s ears, nationalist type younger generation hyped by sordid reality are expressing their
    half-cooked concerned views taking advantage of today’s behind-the-scene technology I am equally guilty of.

    Young die herds are daring to openly challenging the governance of CTA, and the holy grill – the Gaden Phodrang. While sikyong Sangay
    is globe trotting on behest of the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama himself not hidden his displeasure by avoiding seeing the Sickyong on more than one occasion. Just just it took the Guardain newspaper story about the misdeeds of obnoxious lama Tenzin of the Dalai Lama Trust to be removed, for now at least, what will it take for him to disown the Sikyong and his gullible team of youngsters……

    And who can ignore Gaden Phodrang’s hand in the overthrow of RFA’s first director, and then in kicking Tenzin Namgyal from RFA to VOA,and imposing the most controversial Tibetan in Tibetan media – Kalden
    Lodoe is the new director, despite internal petition against his thriple
    promotion in a new years. He is, I have learnt from sources near and far, is the least educated and the most arrogant employee at the Tibetan Service. It is amazing that the petition sent to the Governing Board of Broadcasting has drawn a nut.

    Will be wait wait for an international media like the Guardian to flash out the sordid affairs muddying RFA, and Sikong’s nefarious extra marital affairs?

  2. Mila, you are a true Utsang warrior. Now utsng need assertive man like you to pierce the Khampa leader lobsang sangay. Keep enlightening is like Buddha did to his disciples under Bodhi tree, Mr Mila.
    I will vote you for Sikyong for 2021. Please make sure you have your manifesto ready. I will knock the door of 70,000 utsang countrymen to vote for you.

    We support your fight for justice from Khampa dictator LS. Truth will prevail. Never give up.

  3. ” The patriot is the one who protect his country from his government” – Quote sometimes attributed to Thomas Paine

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