President Sangay and the sexual assault on Ms Leslie Butterfield

Just as you, the reader, I am also very concerned about the direction that LS is taking the Tibetan community towards.  Just as Trump he is catering to his base of fanatic Khampa sanjor ex-monk supporters leading to disharmony and divisiveness. Let me start in 2011 during the Kalachakra in Washington DC. – During the Kalachakra from July 6-16th, LS also visited as is normal for him to bask in the glory of His Holiness.  An intern, Leslie Butterfield, at the ICT was assigned to him to assist him in his meetings and moving around DC.  Ms. Butterfield was in her early 20s then and a very attractive young woman who supported His Holiness and the Tibetan cause with her whole heart and being.  She is known to have been a very active participant in numerous activities to further the cause of Tibet and spread the work of compassion of His Holiness.

It was the night of July 11th that LS physically assaulted her in his hotel room.  The next day she reported this to Mary Beth Markey, the then President of ICT.  There were others in the office who were also made aware of the incident of the previous night. Ms. Butterfield was convinced by Marybeth and others in the ICT not to file charges against LS using the name of HH as an emotional blackmail.  That she would be sullying the name of His Holiness if she was to file a complaint.  She was pressured into not filing a complaint which makes people at ICT complicit in a cover-up.  With so many women coming out with sexual abuse charges it may be time for Ms. Butterfield to come out too.

She is now married with a child.  Maura Mohinyan comes to mind as someone capable of convincing her to come forward.  Maura as I know her has in-depth knowledge of LS dealings.

During his last visit to NY and DC along with Kaydor, he had a meeting with the Tibet Fund regarding the $1.5 mil loan.  He is pressurizing TF to write off the loan before the parliament session begins in March so as to prove his point that it was a grant and not a loan even though existing documents show the money as a loan which I have written in depth.  During the meeting, he emotionally blackmailed the TF saying that he was going to ask HH for the money so that it is paid back to the TF just to prove that it was not a loan even though paying it back means it was a loan.  He explicitly asked the TF “if they were comfortable taking money from HH”.  There are ongoing talks between TF and OoT, DC on his behalf about this money.

His exact words are in the minutes of the meeting at the TF which shall be released here in the next article as it pertains to the interest of the Tibetan people and political corruption.  It is common knowledge in India that HH is very disappointed, to say the least, with LS and the way he is using his office for personal glorification.  The only audience he got was in Gaya after months of trying to see HH.  He has no shame and had the audacity to ask HH to mediate and solve the loan issue.  HH’s response is one of pin-drop silence.

There are numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of power in Dharamshala but all will not come out openly for fear of retribution as you and I know how the law works in India.  A spark/catalyst is much needed if these women are to get justice and it is where my role begins.

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  1. Can U-Tsang Association pay victims of LS’s sexual victims about $2,000 each if they come out and speak against Khampa Lobsang Sangay? That will encourage many to speak up, and expose LS’s sex addition. Those Khampa hooligans need a lesson from us. Khampa monks derobe so often because their testorine is exceptionally high. Like leader, like voters!

    1. Wat nonsense!! Age of 19 i took my first opportunity and i voted penpa tsering la.( just Incase if u think m LS’s voter or supporter) u dnt need to mention lobsang sangay by which region he depends! If want good for our country n to its people start by considering yourself as a Tibetan not by saying “us” U-tsang or Amdo.

  2. Lobsang Sangay has been shagging Dikyi Choeying when she was in his cabinet. but they fell out later. and she decided to leave politics altogether.

    1. Don’t believe till it gets clarify… All are sharing their opinions instead of fact… Go prove if he did wrong… Otherwise don’t blame our leader…

  3. Writer is having a bad intention, can clearly understand from the points that this writer is touching along with that clueless rumor. We Tibetans should be carefull about this kind of people. After all we Tibetans will face, this kind of writers will not give a shit once our society will be completely fucked up.

  4. We utsang people are too meek. A true utsang should probe his or her worth by listening to a clip called ” Utsang wake-up call” on YouTube, and understand how we are trampled upon by khampas like whites have done to the blacks in USA.

    Next Sikyong should be an true utsang. Lets promote our own people first so that abuse khampas like lobsang sangay and samdhong rinpoche will be disgorged from the diaspora’s power circle.

    Thank you Mila Rangzen for your well-researched, objective, and deeply moving article. We need more Utsang people like you.

  5. Lobsang sangay raped Butterfield. Samdhong rinpoche thigh-fucked penpa tsering in his wild, younger days. Khampa themselves have revealed this samdhong rinpoche matter recently circulating on Facebook. Rapist khampas! Shugden worshippers, Satan huggers.

  6. 나는 한국인입니다. 티베트를 좋아하지만 당신과 정치인들은 싫습니다. 만약, 당신이 말한대로 롭상 쌍개가 성폭력을 했다면 침묵하지 않겠습니다.

  7. I like to bring up that I am Tibetan! N nothing can change me by piece of word– be alert brother

  8. Not all khampas are bad. But 99.99% of khampas are bad. We should never let a Khampa become president again .

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