Trump, Kim and the war dance

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No doubt the US has the military power to wipe out North Korea within a week if it chooses to do so. But in the process, the US will lose 20 to 30 million of its people within a year through the nuclear power outage, starvation, diseases, crimes and civil war. Can the US afford it? I don’t think so. If you look at history, the US never attacked a nuclear power first for the same reason.

Also, what has North Korea done? Has it attacked the US? No. Has it struck the US allies? No. Then why the war drum? Is it then only because North Korea is becoming a nuclear power? Well, if that is the case then what about Pakistan, India, Israel, China, Russia, England, and France going nuclear long ago? What happened then? Who is the US to decide what country should have nuclear weapons or not? Is the Us the global police? Who appointed it? Its economic, military and political power named itself?

Well, higher the power, greater the vulnerability is the irony. If the US gets disoriented in the war, China and Russia will jump in to take its place. Even Nigeria can do it. Who knows? Empires rise and fall. Nothing stays same forever. Impermanence is the universal law fueled by the human need for change.  A fall follows a rise just as a surge follows a fall.

What can the US do now?

Quit the war rhetoric. Lift all the sanctions on North Korea. Recognize it as a nuclear power. Become friends, fuck the hot Korean chicks, and do business and gradually transform it into a democracy and free its people from dictatorship.