Islam: the dogma of hate and bloodshed

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I take great pleasure in debating with anyone usually in a natural setting on any subject under the sun. Not that I am an intellectual. Far from it. Nonetheless, I enjoy it. The intellectual stimulation and growth thereof are priceless.

However, my debating with Muslims on Islam has never been a pleasure. I have always wondered why Muslims are so hateful of religions barring Islam. I found out that it is Quran, their holy book, that is the root cause of this hatred in their hearts. Because this book indoctrinates them, from a very young age, with hate, intolerance, and violence toward non-Muslims. It is made to make him or her feel unmuslim or less of a Muslim if he or she goes soft on non-Muslims, the infidel. Each one of them is made to feel the need to prove that he or she is a hardcore Muslim. Hence, their religious aggressiveness is a common sight across the globe. The only Muslim with whom you can debate openly is a Muslim who smokes, drinks, eats pork and hates not Jews.

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Although jihad can be interpreted in at least 3 ways, the one that is most popular among Muslims is the jihad of hate and violence to non-Muslims. This is especially more real in situations where Muslims have the upper hand over others be it in terms of military power as in history or just sheer numbers in today’s villages, towns, cities, states, and nations or let’s say on a walk in the wilderness. Muslims in Kashmir persecute Sikhs and Hindu pundits. Muslims in Kerala that gave refuge to Muhamad’s family persecute Hindus and Christians in areas where they are the majority.

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The Muslim is friendly, all smiling and even reasonable sometimes when alone with people of other faith. But the moment they notice in a situation that their herd is growing bigger than the, let’s say, Buddhists in south Myanmar they instantly turn into a ferocious pack of wolves. This is their war tactic taught in great detail in the Quran. It preaches the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam by intimidation and sword if sweets fail. Matter of fact is every Muslim is a hardcore converter, unlike Christians and Taos where only a handful of priests exist as missionaries. every Muslim you meet in their neighborhood will ask you if you believe in Allah as the one and only god and Muhammad as his messenger and when you respond with no they go nuts.

They are overly sensitive, religiously tribalistic and unbelievably brainwashed people when it comes to Islam. Their ability to think independently, critically and to question Islam and its exploiters is dead. Muslims have low IQ and therefore they are easily brainwashed into believing that if you kill non-Muslims and die then you get a ticket to paradise with 72 black-eyed virgins.

If only Muslims have high IQ, the literal translation of toxic Quranic teaching into violence wouldn’t have occurred. For example, the Bible teaches that if your neighbor goes to work on Sunday, kill him! But what Christian follows such a teaching literally? None.

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To defend itself from being accused of violence, Muslims would quote Koran saying that if one human being is killed it is equivalent to the entire humanity being murdered. But it is only an attempt to be clever to win some brownie points in high school debates. Nothing more. In reality, when it speaks of mercy it is a mercy to the Muslims, not to the non-Muslims who are called kafirs or infidels. They believe that drinking camel urine can cure diseases. They also believe that the sun sets in the mud and that Muhammad flew on a donkey to mecca.

It never ceases to amuse me to listen to the audacity of Muslims claiming Islam as the first and original religion of the world and that it has 124,000 prophets spanning over a period of millions of years in the past when the fact is that it is simply a copy and paste of Judaism in the 7th ACE. For example, the ritual for the slaughtering of animals, the need for circumcision, no pork eating, 10 commandments and many other things found in Judaism.

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Islam means peace but ironically this copycat religion in whose name they rape, kill and convert people of other faith. Islam is the only religion in the world that has been at war with all other religions. It is at war with Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Orthodox, Catholics, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, science, and atheists.  Even today Muslims persecute Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, and Myanmar.

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This medieval mindset and the recent terrorist attacks on Myanmar security triggered the wrath of the Burmese military. If not in war with other religions then with the sects in Islam which has 72 sects and each one of them believes their sect is the authentic Islam and therefore superior. The bloodshed between Sunnis and Shias in the middle east is one such example.

I do not know what idiot said that Islam is a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate and pieces. Islam is a death cult and whosoever wrote the Quran can be none other than the Satan himself. It also incites hatred and violence to atheists, rainbow people for that matter.

  • It executes apostates, atheists, LGBTQ, or anyone who questions Allah, Muhammad, Koran, Hadith, and Sharia. You call that compassion?
  • It beats women who wear shorts. It throws acid on women who refuse to wear hijab, burqa or niqab. It stones women to death for adultery.
  • It punishes women for being raped by men. The rapists go scot free. The Islamic logic is that she must have exposed some part of her body that might have set the rapists on fire.  You call that justice?
  • It chops off hands for stealing an iPhone. It spits on food served to non-Muslims. It chops off the head or shoots people to death for drawing a cartoon of Muhammad or Allah. You call that freedom?

Followers of all other religions must now come together to expunge this death cult from the face of the earth. Imagine an Islamic country with the military might of US, one thing is absolutely certain, the entire world and its civilization will be wiped out in the name of Allah within 3 months. Thank Genghis Khan for decimating the Islamic empire and wiping out the Muslim population in the 13th ACE. Can’t wait to see the return of Genghis Khan!

The Muslims got many contradictions too, for example, they say that they do not believe in idols but they bow and prostrate to a spring, stars, moon and the biggest idol known to mankind–the black monolithic stone in Mecca.

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Islam is responsible for creating fear and hatred in the everyday Europeans and Americans toward not only to you but also to us non-Muslims.  What are you trying to achieve by screaming death to the US, UK etc. in the streets of Europe and the US in thousands? Do you realize that this fear and hatred in them has eventually translated into votes for an overt racist like Trump whose small fat hands are now sitting on the nuclear buttons and humanity’s ass is on the line?

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P.S. This post was first published in June 2017.