Struggling against the sleep of my UTSANG people PART 5

This is Tibetan domestic politics, not Tibet-China politics. So, keep the debate in context.


I am not ashamed of sticking to the death-bed advice my father gave me. I have friends, schoolmates, in-laws, and classmates across the three provinces but when we meet my stand doesn’t bother me one bit. I stick to my gun, and they respect that. So, do not ever be afraid of what others might think of you. Free yourself from that prison. Go your way! What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing. Only you will find a new path.

If you hate regionalism as much as you pretend to, then there is a perfect solution to it. Demand multiparty system and opposition party system rooted in ideology, not in Dhotoe, Dhomay, U-Tsang. Introducing the system will kill negative regionalism overnight because every party will have Tibetans from all the three provinces. If there is any fight, it will be purely on ideology and policy. Do you have the will and vision to demand just that? Are you with me? If not, then STFU!

If you hate sectarianism as much as I do, then don’t cry. There is a foolproof solution to it. Eradicate the ten religious seats in the politics of our parliament. These monks are supposed to be followers of Buddha who renounced palace and politics. Government is not their domain. Never should religion and politics meet. Not realizing this is harmful to both religion and politics. Are you with me now? If not, then STFU!

The root cause of regionalism and sectarianism is not ignorance but this cholka cholug,  choesi sungdey system. I will not sleep till the day this shit is flushed from our governmental system. Remember in a power struggle, Sakyapas slaughtered ten thousand Kargyu monk fighters in a single day and they were all Buddhists. There were many more bloodshed such as this in our history. Today Sakyapas, far away from the lime light of politics, are pretty unassuming and peaceful. Sakya Gongma Rinpoche symbolizes this peace.

The dawn of a new U-Tsang


A new U-Tsang is emerging. The image of the new U-Tsang is not yet clear, but the horizon is becoming red, and the sun will soon be there. The morning mist is there, and the image of the new U-Tsang is vague, but still, a few things are crystal clear about the new U=Tsang. A great revolution is on the way. Now the new U-Tsang is going to be born on a grander scale.

Time to discard the old, meek U-Tsang has come. The old U-Tsang is dying, and there is no need to help it survive anymore.  The old U-Tsang is on the deathbed: don’t mourn for it- help it to die. Because only with the death of the old Utsang can the new U-Tsang be born. The cessation of the old U-Tsang is the beginning of the new U-Tsang.

  1. The new Utsang is curious about all things. He must always be questioning the world in which he lives.
  2. The new Utsang must be an honest person by nature. There is no room for manipulation and lies. The truth is the truth. The new U-Tsang looks at the world objectively, but not too objectively that it hinders his ability to think critically.
  3. The new U-Tsang must not be afraid. He will be in situations where tough questions must be asked. He must be proud and confident. He must be in the middle of physical danger. The new U-Tsang cannot be afraid of risk-taking and adventure.
  4. The new U-Tsang must be a loyal watchdog. The new U-Tsang must speak up and work for the good of the public interest.
  5. The new U-Tsang must be kind. He deals with different people with different experiences, situations, and needs daily.  He must be warmhearted unless someone warrants it to be any different.
  6. The new U-Tsang must be a trustworthy person. When building relationships people will help you when they know you can be trusted.
  7. The new U-Tsang must be passionate about what he does.  It is this passion that can make an impact.
  8. The new U-Tsang is tenacious. He must have a sense of tenacity. He cannot be discouraged quickly, but instead, thrive off the hardship, threats, assaults and the challenge!

Adopt the Roman salute

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.15.06 AM.png

Also, adopt Roman salute and use it during a demonstration. This is one of the most peaceful gestures ever. Romans adopted it from elsewhere. It is similar to Tibetans sticking out tongue to show, in history, that your tongue is not black and that you are not practicing black magic. Sticking out tongues nowadays can be seen as sexual and therefore discard the practice altogether. But the Roman salute performed with the right hand stretched in the air with straight hand, and the palm facing down slightly sends the message that you are unarmed and that you meant peace.

The cynics may say this is a Nazi salute and therefore evil. Nazis copied it from Romans and used it for greetings and psychological impact. KKK use it for racial superiority. But we will stick to its original meaning of greetings and nonviolence and peace.

Every time you use the salute do it unison especially in large numbers and scream slogans as one team such as ” Dangdhen” meaning truth and justice, “Chisel, Nangsel” meaning transparency, “Gyenkhur” meaning accountability. You can use other positive words with two syllables that match the salute performance. You can use four syllables, but for two syllables you have to swing your right hand from your left shoulder to the front to match the rhythm.

Adopt a new Tibetan salute to those Tibetan leaders who are not accountable and transparent

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.18.39 AM

It is as same as the roman salute except you point one finger that is your index finger at the leader and scream in unison repeatedly, slogans such as:

Choka shengo! (negative regionalism)

Sidhon dasha! (political vendetta)

You just can’t fathom the psychological impact it has on the politician that he will have to think twice about making the same mistake again!

Don’t joke, or laugh when you do it. And yes, don’t do it lazily. When you do it, do it with passion and pride, and this will inject seriousness in the head of the top dogs and fat cats you are protesting. That, you mean business.

Don’t forget November 27, 2017 Monday 10 am sharp!


Get a few Pyle PA system with 50 watts or more and blast the Kashag building till it shakes and the walls vibrate, and the bad guys tremble!

P.S. If you know of corruption or injustice at high levels and if you have facts, evidence, photos, audio, videos, contact me–the Tibetan WikiLeaks  at


Mila Rangzen