Struggling against the sleep of my UTSANG people PART 3



This is Tibetan domestic politics, not Tibet-China politics. So, keep the debate in context. It is evident from the $1.5 million loan document that the firing of Penpa Tsering is premeditated and pre-planned. Sikyong did not chew him once regarding where he was lagging. He waited for an opportunity to ambush Penpa Tsering. Lama Tenzin, the Dalai Lama’s emissary, fell because Penpa Tsering blew the whistle on his character and conduct. This pissed of Gaden Phodrang boss Losang Gawa and his former student Kalden Lodoe, a journalist at Voice of America. Lama Tenzin is a also a former student of Losang Gawa and he is a friend of Kalden Lodoe. What a receipe for another vendetta? This development is what Sikyong was waiting for.

It reminds me of the professional shot from a tripod zoomed camera, in 2008 Lhasa uprising, on a vehicle. The Chinese staged the first rioters who were Chinese soldiers posing as Tibetans, setting the car on fire and the CCP circulated the video in the mainstream media and the social media with the help of 50 cents army to present a violent negative image of the Tibetans.  Isn’t the preplanning uncannily parallel?

Also, do you realize what he did to former MP Dhardon Sharling? During the election, she was mildly but critical of Lobsang Sangay. That is a democracy. Revengeful that he is he never forgot that. He made her look bad with the age controversy for the ministerial post of DIIR even though he promised her the age requirement wouldn’t be a problem and that he would take care of it. In the end, what did he do when the parliament disqualified her? Nothing! That is a lollipop, a big one at that!

Today, she doesn’t enjoy support as much as she used to in the U-Tsang population. His supporters will drag her in the gutter in 2021. This is the damage Lobsang Sangay did to a young, dynamic U-Tsangpa who has the potential to win the 2021 Sikyong election. Now Gyari Dolma’s path is made smooth. That is a communist as well as a regionalist trait. Are you getting it?

If Amdos and U-Tsangs don’t do it, then nobody will. Khampas will not do it for apparent reason. If one Khampa shows up and supports the peaceful protest genuinely, I will slit my throat. This is nothing new. Let’s face this long-established fact. No, don’t look the other way, confront it. Khampas are not maneaters.

An example would be the hatred of Tulku Urgyen Topgyal and his boyfriend, Tenpa Yarphel to Penpa Tsering with mountains of false allegations of murder. What Khampa stood up and criticized their negative regionalism? You tell me. I am listening.

We claim we have democracy for the past six decades, but this is a massive a deception. All we have is a half-hearted democracy. We don’t have a multi-party system nor opposition party yet, the essential requirement to hold the leaders accountable and remind them of time to time that their power comes from us the people.  And they always have an excuse not to have these two essential pillars of democracy, but the justification is not at all digestible.

So, it is our responsibility to take our leadership to task in any way we can but nonviolently when not attacked physically. It is not easy, but there is no backing down. You will be silenced, demonized, ostracized, called names such as Chinese dog or Shugden follower. Never back down! Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. Keep your heart pure and Stand forth!

Thunder into the streets on 11/27/17! Monday 10 am sharp!

Let the ball of nonviolent democratic protest roll!

Let it not be stopped by any scare or guilt tactic!

Let Tibetans get used to democracy in its multiple forms!


P.S. If you know of corruption or injustice at high levels and if you have facts, evidence, photos, audio, videos, contact the editor–the Tibetan WikiLeaks  at